Timber counties

Friends of Cascade-Siskiyou

President Obama expanded the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument in his final weeks in office. 

Supporters of the expansion did not get all they wanted, but it's still too much for some people.  Including the Association of O & C Counties. 

Those are the counties that get revenue--at one time a LOT of revenue--from timber sales on the former Oregon & California Railroad lands managed by the BLM. 

The counties claim the monument expansion will curtail timber sales, and they're going to court to block the expansion.  Timber companies filed their own suit a week later.

BLM/Public Domain

A federal appeals court Friday threw out a lower court ruling that required the Bureau of Land Management to increase timber sales in Southern Oregon.

BLM, O & C, And Forest Plans

May 5, 2015
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Some of the fiercest arguments over proper federal forest management in Oregon focus on the "O & C lands," forests once granted to the Oregon & California Railroad to finance construction. 

Back in federal hands, they are supposed to give half their timber revenue over to the counties containing them.  But with little timber being cut, county budgets have suffered. 

BLM is out with a draft of its management plan for Western Oregon forests, and will take comments into July. 

In this hour, we visit first with EarthFix reporter Jes Burns to get perspective on the lands and plans. 

Amelia Templeton/EarthFix

Nearly a year ago, the last commercial sawmill operating in southern Oregon’s Josephine County shut its doors, laying off 85 workers. Now, the Rough and Ready Lumber Company is gearing up to re-open, with the help of financing facilitated by the government and conservation groups.

Jackson County Voters To Decide On Library District

Feb 13, 2014
Oregon Historical County Records Guide

The fate of the Jackson County library will go before voters in May.

If passed, the proposal for a special tax district would create a property tax up to 60 cents per $1,000 of assessed property value.

A board of directors separate from the County Commissioners would run the district.

More Fair Days Ahead For Josephine County

Jan 3, 2014
Josephine County

Things are looking up, at least a little, for the Josephine County Fairgrounds. 

Commissioners decided months ago that the fairgrounds had to be self-sustaining, because the cash-strapped county could not afford to support them.

Josephine County Fairgrounds Get Reprieve

Dec 31, 2013
Josephine County

The Josephine County Oregon Board of Commissioners has voted to keep the county fairgrounds open through the end of the fiscal year.

The commissioners also voted yesterday to go ahead with the 2014 fair in Grants Pass, which will be the county's 100th.