How To Survive (And Maybe Even Enjoy) Thanksgiving Dinner

Happy Thanksgiving from Hidden Brain! All of the research in this week's episode is geared toward helping you have a happier holiday, with tips to help you avoid three deadly Thanksgiving pitfalls: overeating, over-shopping, and fighting with your relatives.For appetizers, we'll start with two of Shankar's Morning Edition radio stories.First up, a story about political arguments at the dinner table, and why it's so hard for Democrats and Republicans to find common ground.Next, a story about...
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Your Adult Siblings May Hold The Secret To A Long, Happy Life

Somehow we're squeezing 16 people into our apartment for Thanksgiving this year, with relatives ranging in age from my 30-year-old nephew to my 90-year-old mother. I love them all, but in a way the one I know best is the middle-aged man across the table whose blue eyes look just like mine: my younger brother Paul.Paul and I kind of irritated each other when we were kids; I would take bites out of his precisely made sandwiches in just the spot I knew he didn't want me to, and he would hang...
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Restorative Justice In School

"You go say you're sorry to Bobby." Phrases like that have been heard for hundreds, maybe thousands of years. And what do kids actually learn from the experience? That's a question being considered in the Phoenix-Talent School District, which wants to move beyond punishment and into "restorative justice." That is a concept embraced by Resolve (formerly Mediation Works), which teamed up with the district on a project to introduce restorative justice to Phoenix High School.
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JPR Live Session: Dar Williams

Every new album from Dar Williams represents her thoughts and feelings about both her own life and larger forces in the world. But her ninth studio record, Emerald, marks a particularly dramatic confluence between her experiences and broader contemporary culture—and what it means to be a songwriter at this moment in history.
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An Artist Grows Into His Talent: Revisiting Sinatra's Radio Years

Nancy Sinatra has said some of her best childhood memories are of listening to her father over the air. His radio shows, from the beginning of his career through the 1950s, brought him home in her mind while he was away singing in clubs and ballrooms. For the rest of the nation, however, those broadcasts went beyond sentimental: They're what made Frank Sinatra a star.In honor of Sinatra's 100th birthday next month, those rare radio appearances are now out in a box set titled Frank Sinatra: A...
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Thanksgiving is here, and the Exchange crew is grateful for a day off.  We'll fill the hours usually occupied by the Exchange with a few holiday specials. 

At 8: A Sporkful holiday treat, "Thanksgiving is For Eaters."  Mo Rocca and Amy Sedaris present useful tips on how to make classic Thanksgiving dishes, interesting facts about the science of cooking and the art of eating, and surprising details about the ways in which diverse cultures have adapted Thanksgiving traditions and made them their own.


Thanksgiving weekend continues with more specials parking in the Exchange slots. 

At 8: You know the story of Thanksgiving origins: Pilgrims, Indians, a big feast... annnnd how much of that is true?  BackStory, with The American History Guys, separates fact from legend about our tryptophan-drenched holiday, in "American As Pumpkin Pie." 

New Wolf Pack Confirmed In North-Central Washington

Nov 24, 2015

Wildlife officials have confirmed a new wolf pack near the towns of Twisp and Omak in North-Central Washington.

They've named the pack Loup Loup, recognizing prominent landmarks within the pack's range in Methow Valley, including Loup Loup Pass.

David Gibbs/Holly Theatre

Shows are still a couple of years away at a minimum, but Medford's Holly Theatre is a busy place. 

The interior restoration of the 1930 movie house into a performing arts space has already begun, including modifications to bring the building into compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). 

A gift from Asante Health System pays for the ADA compliance; other gifts past and future will address other aspects of the renewal. 

Washington state has released a detailed environmental assessment of a proposed oil terminal at the Port of Vancouver.

The draft report was released Tuesday by the state’s Energy Site Evaluation Council. It considers the oil-by-rail project’s possible impacts to things like environmental health, noise, and emergency preparedness in the event of an oil spill or explosion.

World leaders are scheduled to meet in Paris soon, trying to draft an agreement on how to combat climate change. Among the heads of state, you'll also see California Gov. Jerry Brown, who is spearheading his own international climate movement.

Brown has been on an international diplomatic tour the last few months — all about climate change.

"The world faces an existential threat," he told Canadian leaders in July.

Then, he went to the Vatican. "Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap," he said.

A study from the University of Washington shows coal trains are releasing more pollution into the Columbia River Gorge than freight trains.

The trains emitted about twice the particulates as diesel freight trains, according to the study.

The study also found that coal trains with uncovered cars were major polluters of the Gorge. They polluted at six times the rate of diesel trains.

Douglas County Public Health officials report one person has died and another remains hospitalized as a result of meningococcal disease. This is not considered an outbreak and as KLCC’s Tiffany Eckert reports, doctors are confident the disease is contained.  

Meningococcal disease is caused by a bacteria present in the noses and throats of about 10% of the population. When it is  spread—it’s through very close, prolonged personal contact. Symptoms include high fever, headache and stiff neck.

Some Oregon ski mountains had enough snow for a limited opening this past weekend.

Both Mount Hood Meadows and Mount Bachelor resorts opened a chairlift Saturday.

Stirling Cobb with Mount Bachelor said hundreds of skiers and snowboarders came for the soft opening, which he believes could be a promising start to the season.

"In the past few weeks, we've had a few different storms and they've come in with heavier snow, which is actually ideal for the mountain because it sets up a great base," said Cobb.

Some Oregon and Washington lawmakers have called for at least a temporary halt to refugee resettlement. They want the federal government to beef up its screening process. But White House officials said in a conference call with reporters Monday that the process is already rigorous.


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