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Will Lawmakers Fill The Holes In Denti-Cal?

California does not have enough dentists willing to see the millions of low-income patients enrolled in state dental coverage. Some patients with Denti-Cal coverage wait years for treatment or even leave the country to get it. That’s even as the program is overwhelmed with millions more who have become eligible. Lawmakers have taken note, but are reluctant to open the state’s pocketbook to solve the problem.
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JPR Live Session: Vandaveer

Having written his most personal collection of songs to date, Mark Charles Heidinger initially planned to strip the recording process of Vandaveer's new album down to as few elements as possible, pursuing a more direct, minimalist approach. But after huddling with vocalist, Rose Guerin, and long-time producer, Duane Lundy, they charted a new course, enveloping these autobiographical vignettes with a full spectrum of sound. And with more than a little help from their friends. The trio called in brothers-in-arms, J. Tom Hnatow, Robby Cosenza and Justin Craig, for a prolonged session of sonic wayfinding.
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Covering The Homeless, Up Close

Mike Rhodes got closer than a lot of people to understanding life on the streets. For more than a decade, he documented homeless people and their treatment in Fresno, for the Community Alliance newspaper. The treatment including the occasional bulldozing of homeless encampments by the city. Rhodes compiles his work from those years into a book called Dispatches From The War Zone.
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California Firefighters Contain Blue Cut Fire, Grapple With Other Blazes

Firefighters have reached full containment of a blaze east of Los Angeles that forced tens of thousands to evacuate their homes. At the same time, multiple wildfires continued to challenge crews throughout the state.California's Department of Forestry and Fire Information declared the Blue Cut Fire 100 percent contained Tuesday — but not before the 36,000-acre fire destroyed nearly 100 homes and forced the evacuation of 80,000 people in San Bernardino County.By Saturday, crews had largely...
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Berkeley's Soda Tax Appears To Cut Consumption Of Sugary Drinks

The nation's first "soda tax" on sugar-sweetened beverages, which went into effect in Berkeley, Calif., last year, appears to be working.According to a new study, consumption of sugary drinks — at least in some neighborhoods — is down by a whopping 20 percent.That estimate results from what Kristine Madsen, a researcher at the University of California, Berkeley's School of Public Health, calls a "perfect natural experiment." In the fall of 2014, voters in Berkeley and San Francisco, on...
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Some people claimed to believe in “guilty until proven innocent” with an unshakeable bias toward law enforcement. Others wrote of their disdain for the Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Still, others said they had a two-week vacation scheduled at the end of September, didn’t speak English well enough to serve on a jury (despite having served on one in 2011) or said that their children are leaving for college.

Ben Bradford/Capital Public Radio

The government spends more than $1 billion annually on California teeth, offering dental coverage to 13 million low-income residents who qualify for Medi-Cal services. But, most California dentists refuse to participate in the Denti-Cal program, leaving patients with impossible wait times that lead to expensive health consequences.


Sex education in Oregon includes more than understanding human sexuality.

A year ago, the state legislature passed a bill (SB 856) to require sex abuse prevention education as well. 

The Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) in Jackson County works with the schools to deliver the information required; we learn about the elements of the program.

Gary Halvorsen/Oregon State Archives

College campuses are filled with buildings named for pillars of the community in times past.  And as times change, so do attitudes about the people once considered pillars. 

Matthew Deady and Frederick Dunn were important people in the history of the University of Oregon; both have buildings named for them.  Both also held views of non-white people not considered appropriate in our time. 

UO President Michael Schill wants input on removing one or both names from the buildings. 

Simon Johnson/Wikimedia

Amy Lang has no problem with sex education; she's not only a true believer, she teaches the subject matter. 

But she finds that most parents like to delegate the job. 

In fact, she says parents are doing "a terrible job" talking to kids about sex. 

So she's more than happy to work with parents, to get them to stop squirming and giggling before they talk to their kids about sexuality. 

You get up while it’s still dark out. The car won’t start. You have to drop off your baby at the sitter before rushing to work, and then you’re greeted by your new boss with: “I don’t care if you’re my affirmative action plan or quota or whatnot … I just need a good worker right now, and I have no problem laying you off if you cannot get it done, OK?”

Portland Public Schools is putting a virtual “do not eat” sign at the gates to about 75 community gardens. The Oregon Health Authority says it didn’t directly advise Portland, but the district found elevated lead levels in water spigots that may be used for gardening.

Officials at Portland Public Schools are warning against eating produce grown in school gardens. It’s based on advice from state health officials.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has canceled his Aug. 31 rally and fundraiser in Portland.

Trump’s Oregon campaign director, Jacob G. Daniels, said scheduling changes surrounding Trump’s trip to tour flooding in Louisiana forced the cancellation.

"The campaign has decided to cancel the Aug. 31 fundraiser and rally in Portland as Mr. Trump has had to make changes to his calendar in the wake of the Louisiana flood disaster. We look forward to having Mr. Trump and Gov. Pence in Oregon at a later date,” Daniels said.

Eight more Olympic medalists with ties to our region stood on the podium this weekend before Brazilian music brought the Summer Games to a close in Rio de Janeiro.

Moro Campaign/JPArt

Jackson County Democrats picked Tonia Moro to run for Oregon State Senate in a special convention Friday night (August 19).

She will run for the Senate District 3 seat vacated by Sen. Alan Bates of Medford, who died two weeks before.


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