Liam Moriarty/JPR

Applegate Community And BLM Try To Overcome Mistrust And Hard Feelings

Relations between federal land managers and residents of the Applegate Valley in southern Oregon have long been strained by disputes over the Bureau of Land Management’s forest plans. With another large forestry project now under consideration, JPR’s Liam Moriarty recently went on a field trip with BLM staff and Applegate residents to look at the proposed Nedsbar timber sale on Bald Mountain.
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JPR Live Session: Vandaveer

Having written his most personal collection of songs to date, Mark Charles Heidinger initially planned to strip the recording process of Vandaveer's new album down to as few elements as possible, pursuing a more direct, minimalist approach. But after huddling with vocalist, Rose Guerin, and long-time producer, Duane Lundy, they charted a new course, enveloping these autobiographical vignettes with a full spectrum of sound. And with more than a little help from their friends. The trio called in brothers-in-arms, J. Tom Hnatow, Robby Cosenza and Justin Craig, for a prolonged session of sonic wayfinding.
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USDA Forest Service

Making Big Use Of Small Trees

It's easy to find markets for big trees coming out of national forests, but not so easy to cut big trees in an era of environmental protection. So think small; REALLY small. Siskiyou County Supervisors, the Klamath National Forest, and the USDA Forest Products Laboratory in Wisconsin are exploring ways to make commercial uses of nanocellulose technology. Nanocellulose--think powdered wood--does not require big or even medium-sized trees. Get ready for a lesson in nanocellulose and what it will take to set up a facility in the Yreka area.
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Discounts Aren't Enough to Halt Outrage At High EpiPen Prices

The EpiPen, an injectable drug that reverses severe allergic reactions, just got a little cheaper for some consumers.The device's manufacturer, Mylan NV, announced Thursday that it will offer coupons worth as much as $300 off a two-pack.The move is a reaction to harsh criticism from consumers and several lawmakers over repeated price increases that have boosted the cost of the medication to more than $600 from less than $100 just a few years ago.The company says it will offer the discounts to...
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California Considers Election Changes That Colorado Has Also Tried

California lawmakers have until next week to pass major changes in how future elections there might be run.Senate Bill 450 would allow for a major expansion of mail-in ballots. And if counties opt in to the changes, thousands of neighborhood polling places would be closed.In their place, voting centers would be set up in places like downtown business districts, and people could register to vote on the same day that they cast their ballot, not just on Election Day. In 2013, Colorado enacted...
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BLM Postpones Wild Horse Roundup Due To Fire

16 hours ago

A wild horse roundup in eastern Oregon has been postponed because of the Cherry Road Fire.

The plan was for the Bureau of Land Management to collect about 100 feral horses from the overpopulated herd that lives on BLM lands. But now the Cherry Road fire has burned through about 20 percent of the herd management area. BLM spokesman Larry Moore said that means even less for the wild horses to eat.

"Now that even more of the forage has been burned completely, that will likely necessitate more horses bring gathered, though at this point we can’t say for sure," said Moore.

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Washington’s Department of Fish and Wildlife plans to kill an entire wolf pack in the northeast corner of the state. The decision comes after at least 12 cattle were killed in the area.

Regulators in Salem, gardeners in Portland, lab technicians in Washington — they've all been studying toxic lead this summer. Health regulators want to add one more group to that list: building contractors.

“As many as 50 percent of all poisoning cases result from some kind of renovation activities in homes," said Perry Cabot, lead specialist in Multnomah County's Public Health Department. "That is the next big thing that’s been really tackled, but not fully and not successfully yet around the country.”

Shirley Chan/OPB

We see cats and dogs aplenty in our communities, but there are plenty of other critters around, in town and out.  We want to recognize some of the notable ones, with a monthly Creature Feature on The Exchange. 

And the creature-of-the-month is the Asian jumping worm, alternately called "crazy snake worm." 

It's a worm, not too different from the average earthworm, but with some particular abilities. 

Among them: a voracious appetite for material on forest floors.  So recent sightings in Oregon, including in Grants Pass, concern agencies like the Oregon Department of Agriculture

JPR News

Our region is rich in history, much of it hidden just below the surface. 

Mark Tveskov and Chelsea Rose from the Southern Oregon University Laboratory of Anthropology (SOULA) dig it, in the most literal sense. 

And it's fascinating work... we invited them to join us monthly for a segment we call "Underground History." 

This week, Oregon's assistant state archaeologist joins in; John Pouley made a rare find of a "biface cache" in the Willamette Valley. 

Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) has officially asked President Obama to designate a remote area in southeastern Oregon as a national monument.

Blumenauer is the only member of Oregon’s Congressional delegation to openly ask Obama to create an Owyhee National Monument.

A series of intense wildfire seasons has taken a toll on the Oregon Department of Forestry. That's according to an audit released Tuesday by the Oregon Secretary of State's office.

The Siskiyou/Moro Campaign/JPArt

It will be Ashland's former mayor versus the Rogue Valley Transportation District's board chair in a special November election for Oregon Senate District 3. 

A special Republican convention held Tuesday night in Medford chose Alan DeBoer to run for the seat vacated by the sudden death of Sen. Alan Bates on August 5th. 


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