Michael Joyce/JPR

Seeing 'The Big Picture' In Arcata

The world of photography is undergoing massive change. We are taking - and uploading - more photographs than ever before. But, printing of photographs has dropped precipitously. Nonetheless, JPR’s Michael Joyce has come across a public art project in Arcata, California that is celebrating the printed photograph in a very big way.
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JPR Live Session: Rogue Wave

Over the decade and a half that Rogue Wave has made music, Zach Rogue has continued to expand his band’s emotional spectrum. Drawing inspiration from the inevitable delusions of everyday American life, Rogue, his longtime bandmate Pat Spurgeon, and their fellow members have returned reinvigorated, and with a fresh sound founded on the art of patience, the fearlessness of experimenting, and the unbridled joy of creating something meaningful to help us navigate through these vacant times.
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Kristen O'Neill

The Oregon Coast, By Foot And Paintbrush

Thanks to social media, we get to go on our friends' vacations, in a sense. They snap pictures and put them on Instagram or Facebook, and we get to see them right away. Pete Miller of Grants Pass put a real twist on that process when he hiked the Oregon Coast Trail this summer. He snapped pictures all right... and sent them to artist Kristen O'Neill. She then set about painting the image, with a new painting every day along the route.
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Your Gut's Gone Viral, And That Might Be Good For Your Health

Everywhere you turn, it seems, there's news about the human microbiome. And, more specifically, about the bacteria that live in your gut and help keep you healthy.Those bacteria, it turns out, are hiding a big secret: their own microbiome.A study published Monday suggests some viruses in your gut could be beneficial. And these viruses don't just hang out in your intestines naked and homeless. They live inside the bacteria that make their home in your gut.These particular viruses are called...
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Poisonous Algae Blooms Threaten People, Ecosystems Across U.S.

Serious algae outbreaks have hit more than 20 states this summer. Organisms are shutting down beaches in Florida, sickening swimmers in Utah and threatening ecosystems in California.The blooms are a normal part of summer, but the frequency, size and toxicity this year are worse than ever.And water managers are rattled."Everyone's on edge with the cyanobacteria," says Bev Anderson, a scientist with the California Water Resources Control Board.Emails reporting outbreaks of cyanobacteria — or...
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M.O.Stevens via Wikimedia

The landmark welfare reform bill is 20 years old this month. It was signed into law by Bill Clinton and overhauled the way the government distributed cash assistance. The reforms gave states a lot of flexibility in handing out money. Some states have been more successful than others when it comes to helping the poor. Chris Lehman of the Northwest News Network reports that Oregon is one of the places that's done the best job.

Donald Trump's campaign has confirmed the Republican presidential nominee is coming to Western Washington for a fundraiser and a rally next Tuesday. There were rumors the campaign swing to the Northwest might not happen after Trump cancelled a similar stop next week in Portland.

Lane Fire Alderwood Station 114 via Facebook


The crews have made tremendous progress in mopping up this fire. They have spent the last several days working to extinguish all smokes around the rim of the fire. In most places crews have a 200 feet zone and are working towards 400 feet.


BLM Resources Advisors are finalizing plans to repair the federal lands affected by this fire. This includes pull back of any dozers berms and installing water bars to direct water off skid trails to prevent sediment delivery into streams. 


Brian Turner via Flickr

If asserting our rights were simple, we would not need laws.  But a situation in Lane County demonstrates just how complicated it can be to secure rights. 

Community Rights Lane County proposes a ballot measure for a future election that would assert the rights of county citizens against corporations and non-local governments. 

A majority of Lane County Commissioners think the measure--if it passes in an election--would be thrown out in court.  So they've instructed staff to look for a legal way to pre-emptively block the measure. 

Redwood Rides

You can actually hurt your neck just walking through the redwoods of Northern California... all that looking up at the tall trees can leave you sore. 

You can add soreness to your legs by taking a mountain bike into the woods. 

And the opportunities to do that may expand; mountain bike enthusiasts want to turn some decommissioned former logging roads into bike trails in the redwoods. 

Jason Hollinger/Wikimedia

You have probably heard of CSAs, community supported agriculture, arrangements in which consumers subscribe for food from local farms. 

There are also CSFs, community supported fisheries.  Same kind of deal: you say what you want and how much, and go pick up your fish. 

Sea Forager in San Francisco operates this way; founder Kirk Lombard shares his ideas in a book The Sea Forager's Guide to the Northern California Coast

The book provides tips on catching and collecting your own fish, clams, and seaweed, all delivered with Lombard's sense of fun and humor. 

Alleged victims of the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge will be able to view next month’s trial remotely.

U.S. District Court Judge Anna Brown approved a request Thursday by prosecutors to set up a remote video of the trial at the Bureau of Land Management office in Burns, not far from where the refuge is located.

Prosecutors say it will keep affected federal employees in Harney County from having to travel long distances to watch the court proceedings.

Gov. Kate Brown conceded Thursday that Oregon consumers would have to bear some of the costs of the proposed $3 billion corporate tax increase on the November ballot.

In her first extensive interview on Measure 97 since endorsing it early this month, Brown defended the measure as the only “viable option” for sustaining needed investments in schools, health care and other services.

The governor told OPB that the initiative would force large corporations to pay a “more fair share” of the tax burden in Oregon.

Online fishing and hunting license sales have now been suspended in Washington, Oregon and Idaho following a hacking incident. A Washington state official says some 7 million records across the three states were compromised, but the information was not terribly sensitive.

Pharmacy Board Bans Designer Drugs In Oregon

Aug 25, 2016

Think of heroin as a molecule. Then imagine adding a few extra atoms.

It still has the same physical effect, but technically, it’s no longer heroin and therefore it’s legal.

Marc Watt, the executive director of the Oregon Board of Pharmacy, said that’s what’s happening with synthetic opioids and synthetic fentanyl.

“These designers have created these drugs, they’re not controlled substances in the United States," he said.


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