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Divide On Cascade-Siskiyou Monument On Display During Zinke Visit

Opponents of expanding the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument in southern Oregon say the move was rushed through with little public notice. Supporters point to a series of well-attended public meetings and a comment period in which over 5,000 written comments were received. But Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s visit to the monument last weekend showed that the community divide over the monument is far from resolved.

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JPR Live Session: Overcoats

Overcoats is New York-based female duo Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell. Their sound captivates, combining electronic backdrops with soaring, harmonic intimacy — a sort of Chet Faker meets Simon & Garfunkel. Overcoats’ songs draw strength from vulnerability, finding uplifting beauty in simple, honest songwriting.

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Riccardo Rossi,

Salmon Experts Consider Future For Fish

The salmon runs in the Pacific have been miserable this year, prompting the agency that regulates fishing to ban it for several species in the Klamath Management Zone. That is the backdrop for the 9th Spring-run Chinook Symposium , scheduled for later this month in Forks of Salmon in Siskiyou County. Salmon experts and people involved in fish restoration meet to compare notes and even dive in search of fish.

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Riding With ICE: 'We're Trying To Do The Right Thing'

On a recent morning in Texas, Fort Worth police arrested a man who threatened to burn down his girlfriend's apartment. The officers also detained two Mexican nationals at the apartment complex because they suspected them of being in the country illegally. Then police called ICE Fugitive Operations. Soon men with guns and dark ballistic vests swarmed the parking lot. Under former President Barack Obama, Immigration and Customs Enforcement would not have bothered with either of these immigrants...

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Is Inflammation Bad For You Or Good For You?

Chronic, low-level inflammation seems to play a role in a host of diseases, including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer's, cancer and even depression. And even though the science on inflammation and disease is far from settled, tests and treatments are being promoted that claim to reduce that risk. That's even though inflammation is also a force for good, protecting against infection and injury. Acute inflammation occurs when you sprain your ankle or get a paper cut. It's part of the...

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Overcoats is New York-based female duo Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell. Their sound captivates, combining electronic backdrops with soaring, harmonic intimacy — a sort of Chet Faker meets Simon & Garfunkel. Overcoats’ songs draw strength from vulnerability, finding uplifting beauty in simple, honest songwriting.

A California woman who went missing while hiking in Oregon has been rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard.

Curry County Sheriff John Ward says a military helicopter hoisted 40-year-old Amy Nuttbrock to safety on Thursday, two days after she set out on the Game Lake Trail.

Nuttbrook suffered from hunger and many scratches on her legs from going through brush, but was found in stable condition and was taken to the Agness airstrip.

She was then flown to Gold Beach airport to be reunited with her father.

Authorities from several counties assisted with the rescue.

Oregon Republican Rep. Julie Parrish alleges an advocacy group has "taken extreme liberties" in her district to schedule a "fake" town hall purportedly in her name.

Our Oregon, the advocacy group organizing the town hall in West Linn for Aug. 1, says they never told people Parrish would attend the town hall. Instead, they say, she was invited to attend and discuss health care issues with her constituents. The group says Parrish declined that invitation.

Oregon has released its final rates for next year’s individual health insurance market. Seven companies are participating.

While President Donald Trump has repeatedly said Obamacare is in a “death spiral,” Oregon officials say its health insurance marketplace is stable here.

Jake Sunderland with the Department of Consumer Services said rate changes in 2018 range from a 14 percent increase to a 1 percent decrease.

Oregon Coast Music Festival

The Oregon Coast Music Festival (OCMF) has grown from a Coos Bay performance of Haydn music to an annual festival that draws 5,000 to its varied concerts in several Coos Bay area locations.   

The festival's classical concerts are scheduled next week (July 25-29) in the Marshfield High School Auditorium in Coos Bay. 

James Paul has been the Festival's music director since 1991. 

Ian Poellet/Wikimedia

Malls and suburban shopping centers did not kill downtowns completely, but they certainly damaged them. 

Now urban planners continue to look for ways to make downtowns attractive places to live and work and shop and play. 

Urban3, based in North Carolina, works with cities to move toward more vibrant downtowns, and Grants Pass and Medford teamed up to bring Urban 3 to the Rogue Valley to analyze. 

The company urges taxpayers to think of themselves as shareholders in a corporation (which cities are), and think about the best way to maximize the value of the corporation.

How Doctors Find Value In Knowing Your Socioeconomic Data

Jul 20, 2017

It used to be that when a receptionist gave you a form to fill-out at a doctor’s office, the questions were about medical issues, such as whether you're allergic to anything or are up to date on your vaccines.

But some health organizations are now asking much more general questions: Do you have trouble paying your bills? Do you feel safe at home? Do you have enough to eat?

At first glance, such issues may seem to have little to do with health. But experts now think they can be as important to your health as your exercise habits or whether you get enough sleep.

5 Things We Learned About The Eclipse Of 1878

Jul 20, 2017

In August, Oregon will be the first state in the continental U.S. in the path of a total solar eclipse. The rare celestial event is attracting crowds of first-time eclipse viewers as well as seasoned eclipse-chasers, also called “umbraphiles.”

PolitiFact California looks at claims made by elected officials, candidates and groups and rates them as: True, Mostly True, Half True, Mostly False, False and Pants On Fire.

One of the biggest backers for building new dams and reservoirs in California is House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of Bakersfield.

The statewide unemployment rate for Washington is holding at its record low in the latest jobs report out Wednesday. The state's Employment Security Department pegged the jobless rate in June at 4.5 percent, the same as in May.


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