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Wildlife, Marijuana And Rat Poison: Tackling A Toxic Legacy In California

After nearly 20 years in a legal gray zone, medical marijuana in California is being brought under regulation. But clandestine pot cultivation continues. Illegal grows on public land are especially notorious for causing a range of environmental problems. Now, there's new research that zeroes in on the toll these trespass grows take on threatened wildlife.
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JPR Live Session: Dar Williams

Every new album from Dar Williams represents her thoughts and feelings about both her own life and larger forces in the world. But her ninth studio record, Emerald, marks a particularly dramatic confluence between her experiences and broader contemporary culture—and what it means to be a songwriter at this moment in history.
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Restorative Justice In School

"You go say you're sorry to Bobby." Phrases like that have been heard for hundreds, maybe thousands of years. And what do kids actually learn from the experience? That's a question being considered in the Phoenix-Talent School District, which wants to move beyond punishment and into "restorative justice." That is a concept embraced by Resolve (formerly Mediation Works), which teamed up with the district on a project to introduce restorative justice to Phoenix High School.
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As Beekeepers Lose More Hives, Time For New Rules On Pesticides?

America's beekeepers are having a rough time. They lost an estimated 42 percent of their hives last year.While some colony losses are normal, these numbers are high. "Such high colony losses in the summer and year-round remain very troubling," entomologist Jeff Pettis said in a statement. He's a researcher at the USDA's Agricultural Research Service Bee Research Laboratory in Beltsville, Md., and a co-author of the government survey that tallied up the bee losses.And these findings may be...
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'My Goal Is To Not Be Bored By What I Do': Itzhak Perlman At 70

On a long drive, Itzhak Perlman will sometimes listen to classical music on the radio and try to guess who's playing."There is always a question mark," he says. "If it's good, boy, I hope it's me. If it's bad, I hope it's not me."Sometimes it's hard to be sure: Perlman has played so much, for so long, and says he's still learning, even at 70. This week, the great violinist will be honored by President Obama with the Medal of Freedom, a milestone in the life of a naturalized American citizen....
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A study from the University of Washington shows coal trains are releasing more pollution into the Columbia River Gorge than freight trains.

The trains emitted about twice the particulates as diesel freight trains, according to the study.

The study also found that coal trains with uncovered cars were major polluters of the Gorge. They polluted at six times the rate of diesel trains.

Some Oregon ski mountains had enough snow for a limited opening this past weekend.

Both Mount Hood Meadows and Mount Bachelor resorts opened a chairlift Saturday.

Stirling Cobb with Mount Bachelor said hundreds of skiers and snowboarders came for the soft opening, which he believes could be a promising start to the season.

"In the past few weeks, we've had a few different storms and they've come in with heavier snow, which is actually ideal for the mountain because it sets up a great base," said Cobb.

Patricia Murphy/KUOW

Capt. Jennifer Peace walks into the room, a tall, thin woman in crisp uniform, with minimal makeup and trim brown hair.

But when soldiers call her ma’am, she has orders to correct them. They must call her sir.

Capt. Peace, an intelligence officer stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord south of Seattle, is transgender. And although it’s been four years since the ban on homosexuality in the ranks was lifted, being trans is still a problem in the military.

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"You go say you're sorry to Bobby."  Phrases like that have been heard for hundreds, maybe thousands of years. 

And what do kids actually learn from the experience?  That's a question being considered in the Phoenix-Talent School District, which wants to move beyond punishment and into "restorative justice." 

That is a concept embraced by Resolve (formerly Mediation Works), which teamed up with the district on a project to introduce restorative justice to Phoenix High School. 

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Some of your friends and neighbors will be walking off the turkey and pie this weekend. 

And some will be doing that while making a statement about climate change. 

The Global March for Climate Solutions is timed to coincide with a major meeting of countries in Paris to discuss climate issues. 

The Paris terrorist attacks and the security situation there wiped out the march in Paris itself, but many communities--Eugene included--will observe the march with local activities. 

Greystone Books

The price of gasoline is certainly low at the moment, a benefit of the world oil glut caused in part by North American oil wells. 

But what are the external costs of cheap oil and natural gas?  For a Canadian woman named Jessica Ernst, they were intolerably high. 

Her home water supply became undrinkable, with the blame falling on gas wells and fracking activity nearby. 

Journalist Andrew Nikiforuk covers the oil and gas industry and tells Ernst's story in the book Slick Water.

Rhythm & News Is Off The Air in Grants Pass

Nov 23, 2015

Upated 11/24/15 | 12:15 pm -- Repairs are underway on the translator, however, because the translator is a type of solar power translator that is no longer made repairs are much more challenging. Our goal remains to restore service by the end of the week. 

Upated 11/24/15 | 8:30 am -- Our engineer found major water damage to the translator. We are working to restore service by the end of the week.

The preliminary investigation of a deadly wildfire in August gives a detailed account of how three Forest Service firefighters met their deaths near Twisp, Washington.

Six states now report cases of E. coli linked to Chipotle restaurants. In addition to Oregon and Washington, cases have been reported in Minnesota, New York, Ohio and California.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said it’s still trying to find the source of the bacteria that sickened 45 people. People got sick after eating at Chipotle restaurants in their home states, according to health officials.

Oregon's commercial crab season will not open as scheduled Dec. 1, state officials announced Friday.

Crab tests have shown elevated levels of a toxin that can be harmful — or even fatal — to consumers.

Kelly Corbett with Oregon Fish and Wildlife says domoic acid was discovered in the southern ports of Brookings, Coos Bay and Port Orford.

But she says the crab season is being delayed for the whole coast.


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