Olympic Runner Puts Body Up For Auction

A two-time Olympian from the Pacific Northwest is renting out part of his body on eBay to make a point about the earning prospects for elite American runners. This week's auction is the latest gambit by outspoken middle-distance runner Nick Symmonds to take on his sport's governing boards.
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JPR Live Session: Dylan LeBlanc

Overwhelmed by the speed at which his gift took him from Applebee’s server to “the new Neil Young” in a matter of months, Dylan LeBlanc walked away from an unlikely major label deal after releasing two critically acclaimed albums. He slipped into a blur of booze and self-doubt. Exhausted and damaged at just 23-years-old, Dylan came home to Muscle Shoals, Alabama to write a new life for himself.
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lostcoastoutpost.com / Oliver Cory

Homeless and Evicted in Eureka

Forty-four tons of trash, three shipping containers stuffed with people’s personal belongings, and close to 150 humans: all were removed from Palco Marsh in Eureka by the city's police this week. Eleven former residents of the marsh are suing the city in federal court over the eviction. Attorney Shelley Mack is representing the group, known as the Palco 11.
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Advance In Human Embryo Research Rekindles Ethical Debate

Scientists have been able to make and study human embryos in their labs for decades. But they have never been able to keep them alive outside a woman's womb for more than about a week.That limitation meant scientists were unable to conduct a range of detailed research into early human development.But now researchers say they have discovered a way to keep human embryos alive in the laboratory about a week longer than ever before, and through a critical period of development.It's a step they...
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Frozen Food Fears: 4 Things To Know About The Listeria Recall

Frozen vegetables are a staple in many diets, so a huge recall of them has us peering at the packages in our freezers.On Tuesday evening, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced an outbreak of the deadly Listeria monocytogenes bacteria — and frozen vegetables and fruits are believed to be the cause.More than 350 products like green beans, broccoli, peas and blueberries sold under 42 brands at grocers including Safeway, Costco and Trader Joe's in the U.S. and Canada have...
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Oregon Bar Throws Out Ethics Complaints Against Bundy Attorneys

9 hours ago

The Oregon State Bar has thrown out two ethics complaints against attorneys of the Arnold Law firm who are representing Malheur National Wildlife Refuge occupation leader Ammon Bundy.

The complaints questioned whether attorney Mike Arnold and his staff violated bar ethics by visiting the refuge during the occupation to deliver an advertisement flier to Bundy.

Donald Trump is the apparent GOP presidential nominee after his two remaining rivals ended their White House bids.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich suspended his campaign Wednesday evening in Columbus. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz dropped out of the race Tuesday night after a disappointing loss in Indiana.

The rapid moves in the past 24 hours bring to a close a wild GOP primary season that leaves the one-time unlikely candidate as the party's apparent nominee.

Traces Of Pain Medications Found In Oregon's Oysters

May 3, 2016

A new study led by Portland State University finds that oysters in Coos and Netarts bays contain a cocktail of potentially harmful chemicals. But the state says it’s seen much of the data before and a health advisory is unnecessary.

The Oregon Health Authority says the state knew about PCBs, mercury and pesticides in seafood. But what is new are all the pharmaceuticals, like pain relievers, antibiotics and antihistamines.

The new findings caused the state to issue an advisory saying how many oysters you’d have to eat to get one dose of each pharmaceutical.


Listeners take stage on our weekly VENTSday segment, a chance to vent on a couple of topics in the news--by phone, by email, or through our online survey. We provide the topics, you provide the opinions. 

  Topic 1: Voting by mail. If you're in Oregon, is there ANYTHING you miss about voting in polling-place elections on election day? If you're in California, is there any advantage to maintaining polling places for elections?

Topic 2: Do you support police action to evict homeless people from public places? 

Many Oregonians are likely to face substantially higher health insurance premiums in 2017.

The state has just released the rates that health insurance companies are asking to charge next year.

Moda has been struggling to stabilize its finances. And it’s asking for the highest increase in the individual market — more than 32 percent.

Ron Wyden, D-Ore., became the first U.S. senator to be elected entirely by mail when he was voted into office in 1996. Tuesday he told reporters he wants the vote-by-mail system to be expanded nationally, at least for federal races.

Wyden has tried unsuccessfully to get similar bills through Congress before, but he’s bringing it up again now because of long lines at polling places during this year's presidential primary season.


This year's race for Oregon Governor has attracted a crowded field of contenders from both sides of the aisle, but only one candidate is seeking a patent to go with his political platform. 

  Democrat David Stauffer of Portland describes himself as an "Environmental Innovations Inventor." 

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Humboldt County, California is wrestling with a choice of energy futures.  Until recently, one-third of the county’s energy production came from burning woody biomass to make electricity.

But economic factors have led to local biomass power plants closing. This, as Humboldt is trying to join other California counties in taking over its own energy rates and using more locally-sourced power.

In this second of two stories, we look at Humboldt’s plan to buy energy via an organization called a Community Choice Aggregation, or CCA.

Oregon Lawmakers Hit With Ethics Complaint Over Wolf Bill

May 2, 2016

Three Oregon lawmakers have been hit with an ethics complaint filed by environmentalists. It was filed Monday with the Oregon Government Ethics Commission against three representatives who helped pass the so-called wolf delisting bill in February.

Leaders of the Oregon Department of Human Services are assuring the public that the agency is committed to its mission despite recent turnover in management. That message came during a pair of public meetings Friday.


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