New Charges Against VA Nominee: 'Candyman' Dispensed Drugs Freely, Wrecked Car

Updated at 5:53 p.m. ET Detailed new allegations surfaced Wednesday against President Trump's nominee to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs, including charges that Dr. Ronny Jackson improperly dispensed pain medication and once wrecked a government vehicle while driving drunk. Jackson denied wrecking a government vehicle. "I did not wreck a car," Jackson told reporters at the White House Wednesday. "That should be pretty easy to prove." Jackson also told the media he does not know where...

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JPR Live Session: Moon Hooch

If any band is a poster child for turning the power of positive thoughts and intention into reality, it’s the explosive horn-and-percussion trio Moon Hooch . In just a few short years, the group — Michael Wilbur, fellow horn player Wenzl McGowen, and drummer James Muschler — has gone from playing on New York City subway platforms to touring with the likes of Beats Antique, They Might Be Giants, and Lotus, as well as selling out their own headline shows in major venues around the country.

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Lawmakers Come Around To Hemp Protection

There's evidence that people first used hemp fibers in the early days of human civilization. The modern-day outlawing of hemp is not of its own doing: people figured out how to grow varieties of the plant that people smoke to get high (see: marijuana). Now the growing of industrial hemp is gaining in favor, aided by legalization of marijuana in several states. Legislators at the state and federal level are working on laws that could help hemp farmers regardless of what happens with marijuana law. Oregon Industrial Hemp Farmers Association founder Courtney Moran is also an attorney, following the movements with great interest.

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You Are Here: Scientists Unveil Precise Map Of More Than A Billion Stars Wednesday was the day astronomers said goodbye to the old Milky Way they had known and loved and hello to a new view of our home galaxy. A European Space Agency mission called Gaia just released a long-awaited treasure trove of data: precise measurements of 1.7 billion stars. It's unprecedented for scientists to know the exact brightness, distances, motions and colors of more than a billion stars. The information will yield the best three...

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Tiny Lab-Grown 'Brains' Raise Big Ethical Questions

Bits of human brain tissue no larger than a pea are forcing scientists to think about questions as large as the nature of consciousness. These clusters of living brain cells are popularly known as minibrains, though scientists prefer to call them cerebral organoids. At the moment, they remain extremely rudimentary versions of an actual human brain and are used primarily to study brain development and disorders like autism. But minibrain research is progressing so quickly that scientists need...

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Andrew Nixon/Capital Public Radio

An audit released Tuesday shows that the California State University system exposes students and employees to on-campus hazards such as faulty laboratory equipment, unsafe drinking water, asbestos and chemical spills.

Oregon Wave Energy Testing Project Looks To Feds For Approval

20 hours ago
Courtesy of Oregon State University

The Pacific Northwest could soon become a hub of ocean energy technology. An Oregon State University project to set up a wave energy test site is now applying for the federal permits needed to move ahead.

A federal watchdog agency said Wednesday that it's hard to prove that Hanford’s Waste Treatment Plant is safe. 

Citing a “60 Minutes” report, Oregon’s U.S. Senator Ron Wyden is calling on the FAA to review Allegiant Air’s safety record. The budget airline serves many airports, including Medford and Eugene. KLCC’s Brian Bull reports.

Oregon Health and Science University has been awarded a five-year grant to look at the benefits of exercise for cancer patients who workout with a significant other.

The National Cancer Institute wants to know if having a workout companion increases the likelihood of committing to exercise and whether it reduces the amount of medication a patient needs.

There’s even hope it might reduce the number of appointments the patient needs with their doctor.

Global Citizen Year

Erik Oline admits he knew next to nothing about Senegal when he graduated from Ashland High School a year ago. 

That changed quickly, as Erik moved to Senegal for his "gap year," signing up with Global Citizen Year

He recently returned from his eye-opening experience in Western Africa, where he learned much more than the name of the capital (Dakar). 

Kim Hansen, CC BY-SA 3.0,

The ocean is full of energy, but can we capture it for use in creating electricity?  Lots of people think we can, including the people at the Redwood Coast Energy Authority

RCEA recently announced efforts to pursue a floating wind farm, to capture wind energy offshore. 

This is a project the Pacific Ocean Energy Trust has been working toward for several years now. 

We get used to talking about the "wild and scenic Rogue River," but the concept is a relatively young one.  The Wild and Scenic Rivers Act dates only to 1968, so it celebrates a half-century birthday this year. 

Tim Palmer is certainly celebrating.  The Port Orford-based writer and photographer and lover of rivers put his talents into yet another book, Wild and Scenic Rivers: An American Legacy

The Rogue and the usual suspects from our part of the country are in there, along with some surprises from other corners of the land. 

California Protects Tricolored Blackbird As A Threatened Species, Fewer Than 200,000 Remain

Apr 24, 2018
Marcel Holyoak / Flickr

Tricolored Blackbird populations have dropped 55 percent over the past decade, leading the state of California to list the bird as threatened last week.

One of the diciest points in an airline merger is consolidating computer systems. That moment arrives Tuesday night for Alaska Airlines and its former West Coast rival Virgin America.


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