Congress Unveils $1.3 Trillion Spending Bill As Friday Deadline Looms Updated at 9:20 pm ET House and Senate leaders posted a 2,232 page spending bill to fund the government through September 30 of this year on Wednesday evening ahead of a midnight Friday deadline. The $1.3 trillion measure includes significant boosts to U.S. military spending supported by President Trump and congressional Republicans, while Democrats secured boosts to domestic spending that most Republicans oppose. Congressional leaders celebrated...

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JPR Live Session: Seth Walker

“ Sometimes you have to remind yourself why you started something in the first place, ” muses Seth Walker. On his stellar new album, Gotta Get Back , he does precisely that, excavating the roots of his love affair with music and reuniting with the family that helped spark the fire all those years ago. The record is as remarkable as the story behind it, which stretches from Walker’s childhood living on a commune in North Carolina to stints in Austin, Nashville, New York and New Orleans.

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California Considers Permanent Drought Restrictions

California suffered through years of drought, and implemented restrictions on water use. Then the rains came--a year ago--and the restrictions came off. Now the state appears headed for another drought, and there is talk of making water restrictions permanent. The state Water Resources Control Board hasn't gotten there yet, but plans are on the table. That has the attention of water users and people who work on their behalf. Christopher Neary is a water rights attorney in Northern California; Jennifer Harder teaches law at University of the Pacific .

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Teachers And Those Magical OK Go Videos: A Match Made In Science? If you've ever gone down the rabbit hole that is OK Go's YouTube channel , then you know how insanely cool the band's music videos are. Sure, OK Go is a rock band. Their songs get on the radio, they've played sold-out shows, but the group is far better known for their really complex and elaborate videos. There's the one (viewed 41 million times) where they're all dancing on treadmills, jumping back and...

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Gray Whale Sightings Up Off Northwest Coast

Gray whale sightings are up on the Oregon and Washington coast in recent weeks. Counts at Oregons Whale Watching Center at Depoe Bay have been between five and 10 per day, according to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, although many more pass the along the coast undetected. Park ranger Luke Parsons says the actual number of whales passing by on their way from Baja to feeding grounds in the Arctic is relatively typical for this time of year. What is unusual is how nice the weather...

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It may still be wet and muddy out there, and snow may even be on the ground in some places, but it’s also the time of year when wildland firefighters start to gear up for hot, dry weather and wildfires.

Northwest Senators had a lot of questions for U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry during a Senate committee hearing Tuesday morning. They grilled him on the safety of steel in a massive treatment plant under construction at the Hanford nuclear site.

Oregon Wants To Know What The Public Thinks About CCOs

Mar 21, 2018

The Oregon Health Authority is asking the public to say what it likes, dislikes and wants to change about the state’s 15 coordinated care organizations.

The CCOs were set up in 2012. But their contracts run out at the end of next year, and the state wants to know how they should change.

Should mental and physical health be better coordinated? Is there inequity in the system?

The survey is online until April 15.

Officials in Klamath County say a Nigeria-based email phishing scam last week resulted in personal information of some county workers and clients being compromised.

032018San Francisco Bay (P)
mariordo59 / Flickr

mariordo59 / Flickr

The nation's first court hearing on the science of climate change will be held Wednesday in San Francisco.

It’s the result of state lawsuits from the cities of San Francisco and Oakland, who argue that oil producers know they're responsible for rising ocean levels — as much as 10 feet by 2100.

They also claim that, instead of doing something about it, the companies have tried to conjure up doubt around climate change science.

Small City Moves To Opt Out Of California Sanctuary Law

Mar 20, 2018

The city council in Los Alamitos, Calif., voted on Monday night to exempt itself from the state's so-called sanctuary law, which limits cooperation between local enforcement and federal immigration agents authorities.

And in the process, the Orange County city of fewer than 12,000 is aligning itself with a harder line on immigration than the more liberal policies adopted elsewhere in California.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife

Carol Van Strum is not fond of pesticides.  And that may be the understatement of a lifetime. 

Van Strum fought the aerial spraying of pesticides on federal land in Lincoln County back in the 70s, and she's continued the fight up to the present day.

Her work earned her the ire of the timber industry, and the recent awarding of a lifetime achievement award from the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference in Eugene. 

Jss3255, CC BY-SA 4.0-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0,

President McKinley has a move ahead of him.  The Arcata City Council recently voted to remove the statue of the president who died in a 1901 assassination. 

An admirer of McKinley's who actually met the president paid for the statue and a nearby plaque.  But some Arcatans have long complained that McKinley represents racist and imperialist attitudes from our country's past. 

Council member Susan Ornelas was among those voting in favor of statue removal. 

Klamath Tribes

The bond between salmon and the Yurok Tribe goes back thousands of years. 

And the relationship reached a new level with the recent purchase of much of the Blue Creek watersheed.  Blue Creek is a major tributary of the Klamath River, entering downstream from the Trinity River. 

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