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Applegate Community And BLM Try To Overcome Mistrust And Hard Feelings

Relations between federal land managers and residents of the Applegate Valley in southern Oregon have long been strained by disputes over the Bureau of Land Management’s forest plans. With another large forestry project now under consideration, JPR’s Liam Moriarty recently went on a field trip with BLM staff and Applegate residents to look at the proposed Nedsbar timber sale on Bald Mountain.
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JPR Live Session: Rogue Wave

Over the decade and a half that Rogue Wave has made music, Zach Rogue has continued to expand his band’s emotional spectrum. Drawing inspiration from the inevitable delusions of everyday American life, Rogue, his longtime bandmate Pat Spurgeon, and their fellow members have returned reinvigorated, and with a fresh sound founded on the art of patience, the fearlessness of experimenting, and the unbridled joy of creating something meaningful to help us navigate through these vacant times.
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Dr. Mike Baxter/Wikimedia

Getting To Know Some Truly Old Humans

Imagine becoming an international celebrity, when you're way too old to enjoy it. Dead, even. This is the after-life story of the human fossils Lydia Pyne writes about in her book Seven Skeletons. The title is a reference to the seven most-celebrated and most-traveled fossil sets, including "Piltdown Man" (an actual hoax) and "Lucy." Pyne tracks the history of each since discovery.
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Protected Marine Area Near Hawaii Is Now Twice The Size Of Texas

President Obama is expanding a national monument off the coast of Hawaii, more than quadrupling it in size and making it the world's largest protected marine area.The Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument was created by President George W. Bush in 2006. At the time, it was seven times larger than all the other U.S. marine sanctuaries combined and the biggest marine reserve in the world.On Friday, Obama signed a proclamation expanding the monument to more than 580,000 square miles — twice...
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A New Course At Arkansas Colleges: How To Not Get Pregnant

Orientation at Arkansas Tech University this year included a surprising topic for a Bible Belt state that pushes abstinence-only in high school. Every freshman was shown a newly produced video in which real students talk about the struggle of an unplanned pregnancy, and the challenge of staying in school as a parent."I lost a lot of friends," says one young woman in the video who had dreamed of becoming a surgeon. A young man says he "went from not having any responsibility to having a full...
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Pharmacy Board Bans Designer Drugs In Oregon

Aug 25, 2016

Think of heroin as a molecule. Then imagine adding a few extra atoms.

It still has the same physical effect, but technically, it’s no longer heroin and therefore it’s legal.

Marc Watt, the executive director of the Oregon Board of Pharmacy, said that’s what’s happening with synthetic opioids and synthetic fentanyl.

“These designers have created these drugs, they’re not controlled substances in the United States," he said.

Oregon's foster care system is being pushed to its limits and failing to put in place remedies for ongoing problems. That's the upshot of a consultant's draft report released Thursday by the Oregon Department of Human Services.

The report is the result of a call for an independent investigation last fall by Oregon Gov. Kate Brown. It followed a series of news reports of child abuse and financial wrongdoings at Portland area foster care providers.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife said it has killed six wolves in the Profanity Peak Pack. Members of that pack are blamed for at least 12 cattle kills in the northeastern part of the state.

BLM Postpones Wild Horse Roundup Due To Fire

Aug 25, 2016

A wild horse roundup in eastern Oregon has been postponed because of the Cherry Road Fire.

The plan was for the Bureau of Land Management to collect about 100 feral horses from the overpopulated herd that lives on BLM lands. But now the Cherry Road fire has burned through about 20 percent of the herd management area. BLM spokesman Larry Moore said that means even less for the wild horses to eat.

"Now that even more of the forage has been burned completely, that will likely necessitate more horses bring gathered, though at this point we can’t say for sure," said Moore.

California lawmakers have until next week to pass major changes in how future elections there might be run.

Senate Bill 450 would allow for a major expansion of mail-in ballots. And if counties opt in to the changes, thousands of neighborhood polling places would be closed.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown and Republican nominee Bud Pierce have confirmed five debates this fall.

The first debate is scheduled for Bend on Sept. 24.

They’ll be debating once a week after that, including an OPB-sponsored debate Oct. 6 in Eugene.

There are two debates in Portland: Sept. 30, sponsored by the City Club, and Oct. 20, with KGW and The Oregonian.

Pierce and Brown are also scheduled to debate Oct. 13 in Medford.

The full schedule, as announced:

Wildlife managers in northeast Washington are removing a wolf pack known as the the Profanity Peak Pack following a number of cattle kills. The state faces opposition from tribes and pressure from locals as they proceed.

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Dunes are for playing, for many people. 

Either on foot or in a dune buggy, it's just fun to romp on those mountains of sand.  But there's more than sand to them, a LOT more. 

George Poinar shows us how they're teeming with life, in his book A Naturalist’s Guide to the Hidden World of Pacific Northwest Dunes

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