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Tenants In Subsidized Talent Housing Complex Stand To Lose Their Gardens

After a summer of record heat and ongoing drought, water conservation is a big concern. Now, tenants of a low-income rental apartment complex in Talent say a management plan to reduce water consumption is going too far by removing lawns, shrubs – and their personal gardens. JPR’s Liam Moriarty checked it out.
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Soleil Rowan

JPR Live Session: Wesley Jensen & The Penny Arcade

Back in February, NPR announced Fantastic Negrito as the winner of their inaugural Tiny Desk Concert Contest. Here at JPR, we watched nearly 35 excellent videos submitted by musicians from our region and decided to select our own winner -- the best of the State of Jefferson. When the dust settled, we had a clear winner: Wesley Jensen & The Penny Arcade.
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Jenny Graham, Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival's Head Over Heels: The Medium Is The Message

When exactly does Jeff Whitty’s musical, Head over Heels, start? When the Fool’s song threatens violence to those who neglect to turn off cell phones? When the actors trickle down the aisles, chatting up the audience? When the Fool introduces each character and riffs on genre? Directors of traditional plays often orchestrate such soft beginnings, inviting us to bend our minds around that in-between space ruled neither by the world we left outside the theatre nor by the dramatic structure of...
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California Considers Sweeping Proposals To Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Some of the world's most ambitious climate change legislation is currently under consideration in America. But the lawmakers in question aren't in D.C. — they're in Sacramento.California lawmakers are intensely debating far-reaching goals to curb greenhouse gas emissions.The bill contains three proposals: one to double energy efficiency in buildings, one to derive 50 percent of electricity from renewable sources and one head-turning proposal to cut petroleum use in vehicles by half — all in...
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The Piano At The Center Of The Universe

Pianos placed in public spaces are becoming a staple of urban performance art. This summer you could find them in Portland, Minneapolis, and even Paris to name just a few places. It seems many of us are fascinated by the magic that occurs when serendipity meets music in a place where music usually is not. JPR’s Michael Joyce found just such a place: a public piano on a sidewalk, just one block from the Center of the Universe.
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Liam Moriarty/JPR

After a summer of record heat and ongoing drought, water conservation is a big concern. Now, tenants of a low-income rental apartment complex in Talent say a management plan to reduce water consumption is going too far by removing lawns, shrubs – and their personal gardens. JPR’s Liam Moriarty checked it out.

Lane County Parks

We love our wide open spaces here in the West. 

Once in a while, it helps to review our plans for some of those spaces, especially the ones we share. 

This is NOT a tale of timber plans... but it IS about Lane County reviewing the Master Plan for county parks. 

Feds Want Adult Homes To Be Less Institutional

Sep 2, 2015

The way Oregonians are treated in foster homes and assisted living facilities could change under a new federal proposal.

Some adult foster homes and day programs can be a little institutional. For example, meals are served three times a day. And if you sleep in, you’re going to miss breakfast. Or you’re required to stick to a bathing schedule.

Fire managers in the Northwest say the recent rain doesn't mean the wildfire danger is over. Some parts of the Northwest got more than an inch of rain in the last week of August.

After Denali, Should Oregon Change Mount Hood's Name?

Sep 2, 2015

Days after President Barack Obama signed an executive order renaming Alaska’s Mount McKinley to its traditional Alaska Native name, “Denali,” OPB’s Think Out Loud discussed the idea of changing Mount Hood’s name to the Native American name Wy’east.

Human-Caused Fires Strain Resources In The Northwest

Sep 2, 2015

Ninety-seven large wildfires have burned on 1.5 million acres across Oregon and Washington this season. Of those fires, 43 were started by lightning. At least 12 were human-caused, but dozens more remain under investigation.

No one disputes that Army National Guard veteran Brian Babb was a man in crisis. 

But his family and friends dispute the notion that Babb's death at the hands of Eugene Police was the only resolution to his crisis. 

The Lane County District Attorney ruled the Babb shooting justified. 

His family is determined to prevent future such incidents from taking place. 

Christian LInder/Wikimedia

Maybe you've noticed this: you hear a news story about some scientific study making a dramatic finding. 

A few weeks later, you hear of another study that makes the opposite finding. 

Well, it's confounding to scientists, too.  A recent article in SCIENCE found that scientists performing psychology studies could replicate the experiments, but got different results more than half the time. 

The authors of the article are many, and they include Southern Oregon University Assistant Professor Cody Christopherson. 

National Creek Fires Winding Down

Sep 2, 2015

UPDATE: TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 9:30 A.M. ... Rain and continued mild weather has allowed firefighters to begin wrapping up the National Creek fires near Crater Lake.

All highways remain open, Crater Lake National Park is open and the Pacific Crest trail is conditionally open.

A Type 3 fire management team has replaced the Type 2 team that's managed the fire so far. That indicates the fire is now smaller and is winding down.

The National Creek Complex has burned 15,458 acres and is 70 percent contained.

Jefferson Public Radio will be doing some scheduled maintenance on the Mt. Baldy transmission site in the southern Rogue Valley starting around noon today and likely running into tomorrow. We will need to lower the power of both our FM stations, KSMF 89.1FM and KSRG 88.3FM, so that engineers can work on the tower safely. The signal may sound "scratchy" in some areas in the Medford region that would normally receive a strong signal. Check back for updates.


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