Coos Bay Nixes Privatizing Wastewater

Dec 1, 2016
CCD Business Development Corp.

Well, that was fast.  One week after the election, the Coos Bay City Council voted to move ahead with replacing its worn out sewage treatment (wastewater) plant. 

The council had been deadlocked before the election over a plan to allow a private company to operate a new plant. 

Andrew Sheeler of The World in Coos Bay was part of the team covering the issue (and taking abuse from the players over his reporting). 

CCD Business Development Corp.

The City of Coos Bay, like a lot of cities, needs to update its infrastructure. 

The city's wastewater treatment plant--yep, sewage and all the rest--needs an upgrade.  Specifically, plant number two (we are not making this up) is due for replacement. 

And some city council members want to consider privatizing the wastewater treatment process, something few other cities have done. 

Andrew Sheeler covers the issue for The World in Coos Bay. 

At The End Of The Sewer Pipe

Sep 10, 2013

As much as we'd like to think the contents of our toilets just go away when we flush, there is no such place as "away."  But communities around our region continue to look for ways to treat sewage and other waste products in ways that benefit the environment.  The efforts include the Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary and the Biocycle Farm of the Metropolitan Wastewater Management Commission in the Eugene area.