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Our coastal waters may not seem all that warm, but the Pacific Ocean actually stores a lot of solar energy.  Could it be possible to use the ocean to heat buildings along the Pacific Northwest Coast? 

Get Electricity: Go Fly A Kite

Apr 29, 2016

  Maybe you've seen those small wind turbines mounted close to the ground in rural areas.  

  And maybe you've noticed that they don't seem to turn terribly fast, even in windy conditions.  That's true, because the faster winds are higher up. So go fly a kite: tethered kites might provide more, and more consistent, electricity.  

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The Klamath Basin is almost over-endowed with renewal energy possibilities. 

The sun shines more than 300 days a year, the wind blows briskly at times, and there's all that geothermal energy available beneath the ground. 

So Klamath Falls is an obvious place for a workshop on energy sources in rural areas. 

Such a workshop is set for Friday (Feb. 26), with a variety of agencies and individuals lined up to consider the future. 

Hestia Biogas

About the time the winter gas or electric bill shows up, you may start wishing you had another form of fuel to access. 

And you might--from your own food scraps. 

Hestia Home Biogas offers products that convert compost--food scraps and garden waste--into natural gas. 

The Many Alternatives In Alternative Energy

Mar 5, 2015

We still burn lots of coal to light our lights, but over time we put more energy (pun intended) into alternative sources of electricity. 

The city of Astoria, Oregon just added a hydroelectric turbine to its city water system.  Hey, as long as water is falling...

The city got help from the Energy Trust of Oregon on the project. 

Another Approach To Wave Energy

Aug 29, 2014

Waves continue to pound Oregon beaches, practically daring engineers to harness their power. 

But Oregon's major wave-energy project fell apart earlier this year, with no buoy ever deployed. 

Enter M3 Wave, a company with a different approach to harnessing the ocean's power. 

Renewable Energy Options Here At Home

May 20, 2014

If any part of the country should be able to produce clean energy, this is it. 

We're blessed with abundant sunshine through much of the year, wind in some corners, and even geothermal energy underfoot in places. 

So it's time for an assessment, both on what forms of renewable energy are available, and how we're making use of them. 

Renewable Energy > Fossil Fuels

Mar 27, 2014
Philipp Hertzog/Wikimedia

By all rights, we should be stuck between a rock and a hard place as a society. 

We have more gadgets--electric cars included--requiring energy. 

And the burning of fossil fuels to create electricity contributes to climate change. 

Using Old Energy Leasing Rules On Renewables

Jan 9, 2014
Philipp Hertzog/Wikimedia

The use of renewable energy is meant to help curtail the use of oil and gas.

But some of the practices of developing oil and gas sources may be adaptable to renewable energy.