Tim Holt Presents Songs From The Sea

Mar 2, 2017

If someone once sang a song about water, there's a good chance Tim Holt knows of it. 

Holt is a folk singer who makes his way around the West Coast, often singing songs of rivers and oceans and the people who work on them. 

He performs his program again at the Medford Library on March 31st. 

At age 50, the Rogue Valley Symphony Orchestra is looking fairly fit. 

As it reaches a half-century, it reports a healthy growth in recent years, while maintaining a balanced budget. 

Music Director Martin Majkut (pronounced MY-koot) gets some of the credit.  He's led the orchestra since 2010, and into a period of artistic and monetary growth. 

The maestro has interesting stories to tell, both about RVSO and his own life journey as an immigrant. 

"Rogue Sounds" Returns For Springtime

Mar 1, 2017
Facebook page

Josh Gross has an addiction, and it's one we're only too happy to share. 

He loves music, and across a wide spectrum of genres and styles. 

Josh makes music, and writes about music for the Rogue Messenger. 

And once a month, he visits the studio with "Rogue Sounds," a compilation of musical samples and news of coming band dates. 

It's not like composers are all over the place, but we have a few we can call on from time to time.

One of them is Teddy Abrams, the music director for the Britt Orchestra Season

The concert season is still more than six months away, but it was announced recently.

It's still a little cold for classical music concerts outdoors. 

But the Britt Festivals in Jacksonville are not waiting for the summer concert season.  Britt sprinkles musical residency programs throughout the year, and right now the Oregon Wind Quintet is in residency. 

Somehow we cram all five members into the studio for a chat and some music. 

S.O. Music Festival Seeks Saving Donations

Feb 10, 2017
S.O. Music Festival

It's been nearly three decades since the Medford Jazz Jubilee started bringing multiple bands to Medford for multiple days of musical performance. 

But there will not be a fourth decade, unless what's now called the Southern Oregon Music Festival is able to find a few wealthy friends. 

SOMF lost a few key sponsors last year, leaving it in need of $50,000 by March 1st. 

Festival leaders are hustling to bring in the cash to preserve SOMF and its award-winning programs

Percussion Groups Plan Ashland "Resist"ance

Feb 3, 2017
JPR News

Since the November election, some of our friends and neighbors speak in terms of "resistance." 

There's a similar message in the musical program "Resist," but the work pre-dates the election. 

Southern Oregon percussion duo Caballito Negro, previous guests of The Exchange, join forces with Left Edge Percussion for a concert that features flutes, "a truckload of percussion," spoken word, film, and images. 

The concert is Thursday, February 9th. 

Cephas, CC BY-SA 3.0,

The First Friday in February has arrived, and with it, a look ahead to a passel of performances and exhibitions in the arts. 

We call it our First Friday Arts segment, a call-driven segment where YOU are the guest. 

If you have an event on stage or gallery or screen to report, tell the rest of the audience, at 800-838-3760. 

You'll be talking to listeners from Mendocino to Eugene. 

"Mostly Mercer" From Siskiyou Music Project

Feb 2, 2017
Siskiyou Music Project

Complete this sentence: "Moon River, wider _____________."  If you said "than a mile," you're familiar with the music of Johnny Mercer. 

His songs form the heart of a program coming to the stage on February 18th, with vocals by Chris Williams and guitar by Ed Dunsavage. 

It is the kickoff to an entire season of performances from the Siskiyou Music Project

The Rise And Fall Of Glam Rock

Feb 1, 2017
Hunter Desportes, CC BY 2.0,

The British Invasion in popular music gave way to more free-form sounds as the 1960s went on. 

And that phase gave way to "glam rock" and David Bowie and Lou Reed and the New York Dolls. 

Could a fan of Led Zeppelin like Queen at the same time?  Simon Reynolds ponders these issues in his book on the genre, Shock and Awe: Glam Rock and Its Legacy, from the Seventies to the Twenty-first Century


Josh Gross has an addiction, and it's one we're only too happy to share. 

He loves music, and across a wide spectrum of genres and styles. 

Josh makes music, and writes about music for the Rogue Messenger.  And once a month, he visits the studio with "Rogue Sounds," a compilation of musical samples and news of coming band dates. 

Ashland Composer Composes Life Story

Jan 31, 2017

"Composer" usually implies music, and Ashland resident Webster Young has written plenty of that. 

But he also writes books about his life as a composer, including a new one called The Luxuries of Unharried Time

It is a continuation of his memoirs about life in the music business, including his dismissal from music school.  We can't wait to hear that story. 

Anna Geisslinger/

The Meriwethers are not just singers and musicians, they are historians, in a sense. 

Their music tells the story of the Corps of Discovery led by Lewis and Clark, sent to explore the lands of the Louisiana Purchase more than 200 years ago.

Much of the world first learned of the South African a cappella group Ladysmith Black Mambazo when they performed with Paul Simon in the 1980s. 

But Mambazo had already been around for a couple of decades by then, and the group continues to sing and tour and impress. 

It's been more than five decades now, and two of the members from the 1960s are still in the group.  Albert Mazibuko joined in 1969, and he'll be with Mambazo for a stop in Eugene at the end of January (WOW Hall, January 27th). 

JPR News

Leslie Kendall has the kind of singing voice that makes people widen their eyes and ask "who's THAT?" 

We'll answer that question as we visit with Leslie, who recently retired from singing after a long career.  Her work includes singing with jazz and swing bands large and small, and cutting records for three different record companies. 

She's lived in Ashland for years now. 

Meet The Beatles, Again

Jan 5, 2017
Public Domain,

It's been almost 52 years since The Beatles first appeared on the Ed Sullivan show, turning the flame of Beatlemania into a raging inferno. 

Penelope Rowlands remembers well... she not only got to see The Beatles back then, she was captured for all time in a photograph of girls hooting for their idols. 

Penelope grew up to become a writer, and the editor of The Beatles Are Here, a collection of stories about the Fab Four's time in the spotlight. 

"Rogue Sounds" Tracks Band Gigs

Jan 4, 2017
Facebook page

We'd be hard-pressed to find another person who is as passionate about music as Josh Gross. 

Or at least as passionate and ARTICULATE before 10 AM as Josh is. 

Josh is the music editor at the Rogue Valley Messenger (check out his Best of 2016 list), and a monthly contributor to The Exchange with "Rogue Sounds." 

Best Of 2016: Musical Moments

Dec 28, 2016
JPR News

Over the course of 12 months, we meet a LOT of interesting people on The Exchange. 

And some of them arrive in-studio with musical instruments in hand.  Those are actually some of our favorite segments; less talking and more listening. 

We grab some of the musical highlights of this year and pack them into a single hour. 

Vanessa Silberman Facebook page

Vanessa Silberman is a road warrior. 

She's already played 120 shows with her voice and guitar, and the year's not even over yet. 

Her work in alt rock has been compared to Nirvana and Neil Young, among other artists. 

Silberman plays a couple of shows in Ashland this week.

It's easy to be dazzled by the visuals of a movie and lose track of how great an influence the music exerts on our emotions. 

That's Joby Talbot's job as score composer... assist the mood while not overwhelming it.  Oh, and make the music work in time with the on-screen action. 

Talbot lives in Ashland and sees his work go worldwide... including in the coming animated feature "Sing."