Interstate Five travelers will endure three weeks of daily delays between Ashland and Medford, now that work has begun on an excavation project.

The project, related to a new Phoenix interchange (exit 24 in Oregon), will install a large drainage pipe under the freeway north of the exit.

While the work goes on, traffic will be restricted to a single lane in each direction.  The Oregon Department of Transportation--ODOT--expects delays of up to 20 minutes each way.


Work will resume Sunday (4/27) on Interstate Five between Ashland and Medford after the threat of rain forced contractors working for the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) to postpone the work.

On The Road: Rethinking Rest Areas

Sep 24, 2013
Ken Lund

"Rest Area 6 Miles Ahead" is a welcome sign to many a traveler in need of a visit to the facilities. 

And after a quick turnaround, you're on the road again.  But can rest areas do more and be more to travelers?   The semi-independent state agency Oregon Travel Experience is betting on a "Yes".  OTE spent the summer assessing the offerings at the state's traveler rest areas and the other amenities it manages, with an eye toward future improvements.