electric vehicles

Rogue Rovers

We'll have to come up with an onomatapoetic sound to replace "vroom vroom" if electric and hybrid vehicles continue to catch on. 

The (limited) sounds and sights of electrics and hybrids will be in abundance this weekend (Sept. 12) at ScienceWorks in Ashland, at the Electric & Hybrid Show. 

The array of vehicles includes the Rogue Valley-based Farm Dogg, which recently appeared at a White House showing. 

Electric Cars And The Oregon Economy

Feb 26, 2015

The people who drive electric cars certainly swear by their usefulness and economy. 

And their effects extend far beyond the vehicles wheels. 

Drive Oregon, always on the job of building the electric vehicle industry, says electrics have a profound effect on the Oregon economy and even the state budget. 

A report just released shows the figures to back up the case.

Zooming Down The Road Electrically

Sep 2, 2014

As electric and hybrid vehicles become more common, we'll have to retrain ourselves as a society. 

What sound will we use to replace the "vroom vroom" of a gas-powered muscle car? 

There might be an answer to that question available at the Southern Oregon Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Show.

Driving Toward An EV Future

Jan 31, 2014

If you're not driving a hybrid or electric vehicle yet, chances are pretty good that you will soon. 

Especially in Oregon, where the trade association Drive Oregon puts in a lot of miles (and watts, we presume) boosting electric vehicles, or EVs.