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If you've been thinking about buying an electric or hybrid car, the Oregon Legislature just gave you a little nudge. 

The big transportation bill passed last week contains money for rebates for people who buy hybrids and straight electrics. 

That's a move celebrated by Forth, the electric car booster organization once called Drive Oregon. 

Rogue Valley Takes Electric Bus For A Spin

Jan 12, 2017
Complete Coach Works

Public transportation already gets credit for reducing emissions by getting people out of their cars. 

Just imagine how much more emissions are reduced by an electric bus. 

Eugene's Lane Transit already committed to buying electric busses; now Rogue Valley agencies are getting to kick the tires, with endorsement from groups like Southern Oregon Climate Action Now and the Southern Oregon Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Association (SOHEVA)

An electric bus from Complete Coach Works spent the week working in Ashland, Medford, and Grants Pass. 

Celebrating The "Electric Highway"

Jun 27, 2016
Public Domain/Wikimedia

Electric car owners can zip up Interstate Five from fast charger to fast charger in Oregon and Washington, thanks to the creation of the West Coast Electric Highway

California is getting ready to join the party, with funding identified for charging stations along I-5 and highway 99.  Work on the California end could be approved in July by the California Energy Commission

This gives us a chance to check in with the people in charge of the chargers (sorry), to hear how much use the system is getting. 

EVs And An Appeal Beyond Emissions

May 18, 2016

Electric cars lack something most other vehicles have: an exhaust pipe.  Nothing burned, no emissions, no tailpipe. 

And while some electric car buyers are motivated by environmental concerns, those do not always top the list of reasons for buying. 

That's one of the findings of research from the Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California-Davis.  And within those findings: testimonials from people who just think electrics are sweet rides, with no consideration of emissions. 

Powering The Next Electric Cars

Jan 26, 2016
Penguin Books

All-electric cars are getting increasingly popular, but they still have their limits.  If you wanted to drive non-stop from Medford to Portland, your all-electric car would run out of juice before you hit Portland city limits. 

So what's needed is the NEXT generation of lithium-ion battery... the battery that would hold enough power for a whole day's driving. 

Journalist and energy writer Steve LeVine witnessed the quest for that next generation, a process he shares in his book The Powerhouse.


More than a motorcycle, less than a car.  That's the quickest way to describe the creations of Eugene-based Arcimoto

The company is now taking reservations for its "Generation 8" vehicle, expected to begin arriving in about a year. 

And since it's entirely electric, it will never visit a gas pump. 

Hear The Silence At The Electric Car Show

Sep 7, 2015
Rogue Rovers

We'll have to come up with an onomatapoetic sound to replace "vroom vroom" if electric and hybrid vehicles continue to catch on. 

The (limited) sounds and sights of electrics and hybrids will be in abundance this weekend (Sept. 12) at ScienceWorks in Ashland, at the Electric & Hybrid Show. 

The array of vehicles includes the Rogue Valley-based Farm Dogg, which recently appeared at a White House showing. 

Electric Cars And The Oregon Economy

Feb 26, 2015

The people who drive electric cars certainly swear by their usefulness and economy. 

And their effects extend far beyond the vehicles wheels. 

Drive Oregon, always on the job of building the electric vehicle industry, says electrics have a profound effect on the Oregon economy and even the state budget. 

A report just released shows the figures to back up the case.

Zooming Down The Road Electrically

Sep 2, 2014

As electric and hybrid vehicles become more common, we'll have to retrain ourselves as a society. 

What sound will we use to replace the "vroom vroom" of a gas-powered muscle car? 

There might be an answer to that question available at the Southern Oregon Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Show.

Driving Toward An EV Future

Jan 31, 2014

If you're not driving a hybrid or electric vehicle yet, chances are pretty good that you will soon. 

Especially in Oregon, where the trade association Drive Oregon puts in a lot of miles (and watts, we presume) boosting electric vehicles, or EVs.