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It's been a fear in Medford for a long time... that gangs would gain a foothold and drive up the crime rate.  Some of that has come true. 

But Medford Police have a few tools in the toolbox for monitoring and curtailing youth gang activity. 

And Matt Sweeney at Rogue Valley Youth For Christ has a plan to turn an old firehouse into a community center, in the heart of the area with the most gang activity. 

A Refresher Course In Not Getting Conned

Jan 6, 2017

Bernie Madoff guaranteed his investment customers an eight percent return, every year. 

It sounded too good to be true, and it certainly was. 

Madoff's story is one of several in Maria Konnikova's book The Confidence Game, which points out how often people fall for cons, even after similar cons have been seen many times. 

There's a blend of psychology, theater, and persuasion at work, and the book works to pull apart the ingredients. 

Klamath County Murder Spike

Jan 4, 2017
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Klamath County's violent crime rate for 2016 shot up in the final days of the year. 

Three separate homicides occurred in a span between December 26th and 31st; an unusual outbreak of violence. 

Stephen Floyd covered the cases for the Herald & News in Klamath Falls. 

Crime Rose In California In 2015

Oct 7, 2016
Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

In a new report, the California Police Chief Association calculates violent crime increased more than 2 percent from 2014.

There were almost four incidents of violent crime for each thousand state residents, a similar increase to the country as a whole.

But police chiefs blame Proposition 47 for an even larger uptick in property crimes. The measure, which voters approved in 2014, reduced some nonviolent felonies to misdemeanors, particularly those involving theft or drugs

VENTSday: Violence + Wolves

Jul 19, 2016
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Scarcely a day goes by without some horrific act of violence--with multiple deaths--making the news.  Your reaction to that violence is our key topic on VENTSday this week. 

For an alternative, tell our audience your feelings about the proposal to removal federal protections for gray wolves. 

VENTSday removes the guests and puts listener comments front and center on The Exchange. Once a week, it's all about you... we plop a pair of topics on the table, post a survey on our Facebook page, and open the phone lines and email box for live comments.

The topics can range from presidential politics to how you spend your days off. Got an observation or opinion? Share it with the State of Jefferson on VENTSday.

Simon & Schuster

It's county fair season around the region.  Along with the cows, sheep, and 4-H kids come the carnivals, rides, and games of chance. 

They've cleaned up a lot over the years, but traveling carnivals used to be a great place to lose money. 

Eugene's Peter Fenton knows firsthand... he learned the tricks of the trade years ago; learned how to con people at the carnival.  He tells about it in his book Eyeing The Flash

Murder And Madness Examined

Feb 5, 2016
Viking Press via Twitter

Much has been said about the state of mental health care in this country, and how the lack of quality care can lead to violent crime. 

It certainly figured prominently in the Seattle-area murder of Teresa Butz in 2009.  The attack on Butz and her fiancee Jennifer Hopper by Isaiah Kalebu received extensive media coverage in the Seattle weekly "The Stranger." 

Associate Editor Eli Sanders won a Pulitzer prize for his reporting on the case, and he felt it deserved a wider audience, one achieved in the book While The City Slept.

Become A Millionaire! (...or not)

Jan 15, 2016
Penguin Books

So a guy tells you he can GUARANTEE you'll get an eight percent* return on your stock market investments EVERY YEAR.  Is that even possible? 

A lot of people thought it was, and Bernie Madoff lost their money. 

His story is one of several in Maria Konnikova's book The Confidence Game, which points out how often people fall for cons even after similar cons have been seen many times. 

The Crimes They Are A-Changin'

Jul 6, 2015

Marijuana is legal in Oregon, so now what?  While the state prepares the way for retail sales to begin, a lot of other details have to be settled.  

For one thing, what happens to people who were charged and convicted for marijuana crimes that are NO LONGER crimes?  

Stepping Up The Crime Fight In Redding

Jul 29, 2014
Scott Sanchez/Wikimedia

Regardless of the actual crime numbers, there is a perception of a crime problem in downtown Redding. 

Business owners have banded together as Redding Merchants Crime Watch, and the council and mayor are floating proposals to beef up law enforcement. 

Right smack in the middle is Police Chief Rob Paoletti, who plans a town hall meeting Wednesday at 6 PM (at Sequoia Middle School) to release crime stats and take input. 

Feds Take On Case Against Alleged Medford Bomber

Dec 3, 2013
Bob Pennell, Mail Tribune/AP

The case against a man charged with arson for allegedly igniting a bomb outside the Jackson County Oregon District Attorney's Office in Medford last month will be prosecuted only in federal court.

Federal prosecutors have filed a charge of malicious destruction of property by explosion in U. S. District Court against Alan Leroy McVay, making state prosecution for the same alleged crimes moot.

Crime On Rails: Murder In Lower 13

Nov 7, 2013
Public domain

The famous robbery-turned-murder outside Ashland may be Oregon's most famous railroad crime story, but there are others. 

Including the story of "Murder in Lower Birth 13," which is the title of a presentation on the 1943 crime, November 8th at the Ashland Library. 

Keith Burtis/Flickr

A recent series of stories in The Oregonian pointed out that Oregon is falling behind the rest of the states in keep track of its registered sex offenders, in fact is among the worst of states in this category.

We'll explore the existing sex offender registration laws with people who implement them... and with people who think the laws need to be changed.  

Scott Sanchez/Wikimedia

The criminal justice system in California is still trying to find its bearings in the post-"realignment" world.

AB109, the "realignment" law, took some pressure off the overcrowded state prisons by shifting some prisoners convicted of lesser crimes to county jails. 

The Kyron Horman Search: His Mother Continues

Sep 17, 2013


The Portland area is still riveted by the case of Kyron Horman, the seven-year-old boy who disappeared from his school in June 2010.