county government

Gary Halvorson/Oregon State Archives

Douglas County government looks like a lot of other county governments in Western Oregon, but a change is in the offing. 

A "home rule" charter group proposes a shakeup.  If voters approve the change, the three-person board of paid commissioners would be replaced by a five-person board of volunteer county commissioners elected from specific electoral districts. 

It would potentially save the county money (in salaries), and bring the commissioners closer (physically, anyway) to the voters. 

Finding County Funding Solutions

Jun 17, 2014
Scott Sanchez/Wikimedia

The public safety situation is dire in some Oregon counties. 

Some, like Josephine, simply can't afford to put deputies on patrol for more than a single shift on weekdays. 

Major crimes go unreported and uninvestigated, and criminals go unpunished. 

The Association of Oregon Counties brought reps from all of Oregon's 36 counties together last week in Hood River (June 9-10) to talk about possible approaches to improve county funding and services. 

Timber Subsidy Passes U.S. House

Sep 26, 2013

A one-year extension of federal subsidies for timber counties has passed the U.S. House.

Oregon counties would get about $100 million under the extension of the now expired Secure Rural Schools Program.