You can probably remember a few names from the early days of white settlement in Oregon and California. 

A few people were prominent in the formation of both states, including Peter Burnett.  Who?  Well, Mr. Burnett organized one of the first wagon trains to Oregon Territory and served in prominent positions there. 

Then he moved to California and became the first governor of the new state.  And he's generally regarded as a failure in that role and several others. 

Historian and former Oregonian reporter R. Gregory Nokes takes up The Troubled Life of Peter Burnett in a new book.

It is only appropriate that Southern Oregon's largest observance of Chinese New Year takes place in Jacksonville. 

The historic city was home to a significant Chinese population, back in the days when Jacksonville was a mining center and the county seat. 

Our in-house archaeologists from the Southern Oregon University Laboratory of Anthropology have explored that period in history through digs in Jacksonville. 

And Mark Tveskov and Chelsea Rose return with another installment of "Underground History," with guest David Lei.  He is a featured speaker in Chinese New Year ceremonies this weekend (February 18). 

Marking Southern Oregon's Chinese Heritage

Feb 24, 2016

Downtown Jacksonville, Oregon looks a lot like it did 100 years ago and beyond... like an Old West town.  But there's also a strain of Far East running through the town and the Rogue Valley in general. 

Because the valley was home to large numbers of Chinese immigrants in the 19th century, mostly men who worked hard to send money home to their families, and were generally resented by white settlers. 

The Southern Oregon Historical Society commemorates the Chinese presence with its annual display at the Rogue Valley Mall in Medford. 

Digging Up Jacksonville's Chinese Memories

Oct 4, 2013
Southern Oregon Historical Society 5868

When the precious metals in the streams around Jacksonville (Oregon) began to play out in the mid-19th century, many of the white miners abandoned the search for riches.

And that just created opportunities for Chinese miners, their friends, and other workers.