It's a reality of life in our time that few parents get to stay home full-time with the kids.  So that makes child care very important to many families. 

The recent case of 43 children sickened by insecticide spraying at a Coos Bay daycare reminds us that things can and do go wrong in places where children receive care. 

Plenty of agencies are available to support and train providers, including the Oregon Early Learning Division and the Child Care Resource Network of Southern Oregon

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Maybe you cringe when you watch other people discipline their kids.  Maybe you cringe thinking about the way you guide your own children. 

Sarah Ockwell-Smith has a few ideas to reduce the cringing.  She is a parenting expert who combines deep research with a gentle approach to kids, as portrayed in her latest book Gentle Disclipline

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Many women find it tough to go back to work after delivering a child. 

But economic realities limit most American women to around ten weeks off with the new baby. 

It's a critical time for the child's development, as Erica Komisar points out in her book Being There: Why Prioritizing Motherhood in the First Three Years Matters

Komisar, a psychotherapist, points out the many ways in which children develop more fully with mom's attention. 


It costs more than $21,000 a year to put a child in child care in Oregon, on average.

Which is a huge chunk of income for young families, and simply not affordable for many. 

ChildCare Aware of America compiled the reports for all 50 states (California is slightly more than Oregon).  CCAA policy chief Michelle McCready visits with details of the report. 


Raise your child to be an individual.  But not a jerk. 

Compassionate, but not wishy-washy.  Strong, but sensitive. 

See, we get plenty of advice on parenting that doesn't quite add up. 

Ultimately, what we're doing is Raising Human Beings, which happens to be the title of child psychologist Ross Greene's new book.  His approach is all about collaborating with children, while maintaining a solid parent-child relationship. 

Priced Out Of Childcare In Oregon

Dec 9, 2014

Oregon's long lag in recovering from the recession keeps median wages down. 

Unfortunately, Oregon is also a state in which child care costs are high relative to income. 

Not only is the picture not improving, it could be getting worse. 

Those are among the findings in a report out of the Secretary of State's Audit Division

Raising Kids: "All Joy And No Fun"

Apr 29, 2014

The longstanding joke "my kids will need years of therapy to get over me" reflects our main concern about parenting: what are we doing to our children? 

New York Magazine contributing editor Jennifer Senior flips that around completely, questioning what effect the process of parenting has on the people doing the work. 

Childcare Least Affordable In Oregon

Dec 11, 2013
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Oregon can be an expensive place to raise a child.

In actual dollars, other states rank higher, but Oregon families pay a greater portion of their income for child care than in any other state.