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The numbers of child abuse cases continue to climb in Douglas County, and not just in the population center around Roseburg. 

So the organization taking the lead on child abuse prevention is working to recruit volunteers in the many rural corners of the county. 

Up2UsNow is a coalition that brings several groups and agencies together, to turn the focus from responding to child abuse, to a focus on prevention. 

Marion Kotowski is a violence prevention specialist with the Mercy Foundation; Pat Moore is a lieutenant with Roseburg Police. 

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The children's advocacy center concept has helped authorities investigate child sex abuse cases; advocacy centers are quiet, comfortable places for interviewing and treating victims.

But who oversees them?  Accreditation comes from the National Children's Alliance, which oversees the centers in Jackson and Josephine Counties and nearly 800 others. 

NCA Executive Director Teresa Huizar will visit the CAC in Medford next week while in town for a child abuse symposium. 

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The people of Lane County had had enough.  They watched as child abuse rates stayed stubbornly high in the county, and wanted to bring them down. 

So 90by30 was born, a program that aimed to reduce child abuse by 90% in the county by the year 2030. 

It's now been five years since the idea first took shape, and time for an update with some of the key figures in the program. 

An Amped-Up Focus On Child Abuse

Jan 22, 2016

We've made inroads in limiting child abuse and neglect, but there's more road to travel. 

A number of organizations gathered in Oregon over the last year to map out the road ahead. 

The Elevating Prevention Initiative started with the Children's Trust Fund of Oregon, which recently issued a final report on the initiative and its goals. 

Now comes the hard work: to put the goals into actions to help children. 

The Lingering Effects Of Domestic Violence

Oct 5, 2015
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We have come a very long way indeed from the days when spanking and belting children was common and accepted. 

It's not just that children don't especially like being hit, researchers have also documented a number of long-term negative effects on children who grow up in a household where people hit each other. 

Helping The Survivors Of Child Abuse

Jun 4, 2015

David Pittman began writing a blog about being sexually abused as a teenager.  The blog caught on, and led to the formation of a non-profit group, Together We Heal

TWH works to help survivors heal, and to help educate the public about child sexual abuse. 

Those are goals shared with the Children's Advocacy Center of Jackson County. 

Foster Care Month And Differential Response

May 16, 2014

Lane, Klamath and Lake Counties are the first in Oregon to adopt a Different Response Model that could reduce placements of children in foster care.

May is Foster Care Month, a chance to discuss the events that lead to foster care for kids. 

Reports of child abuse and neglect require a response from child welfare authorities. 

But it is not always the same response.

Reducing Child Abuse: 90 by 30

Jan 30, 2014

Child abuse is more widely recognized than ever before, and the work of eliminating it continues.

Lane County is home to the 90 by 30 program, an effort to reduce child abuse by 90% by the year 2030.