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The recent revelation that 50 million Facebook users had their personal information vacuumed up by a third party got a few people thinking their use of digital devices. 

It's a constant concern in a culture where people put a lot of time, energy, and information into phones and other devices. 

How long could you go without?  For Christina Cook, the answer is a month.  That's how long she performed an experiment in being un-wired, the story she tells in The Joy of Missing Out: Finding Balance in a Wired World


If you're still driving in Oregon with your hands on a phone, watch out.  A new law takes effect Sunday, October 1st, laying out stiffer restrictions on use of electronic devices behind the wheel. 

A loophole in the old law allowed people to use their devices as long as they were NOT talking on the phone or texting. 

The loophole is gone, to the relief of people like Ray Thomas, a lawyer who watches out for the rights of bicyclists; he's one of our guests. 

And it means a different approach for law enforcement.  Jackson County Sheriff Sgt. Julie Denney visits with Sgt. Jeff Proulx of the Oregon State Police. 


Cellphones are in just about everybody's hands or pockets these days, and we've gotten used to having them around. 

We just notice less when people pull them out in restaurants and other public places.  But that doesn't mean we're all using them properly. 

In fact, cellphone users are often seen as rude by the people around them. 

If Emily Post were around, what we she say is good cellphone etiquette?  Let's ask her great-great-grandson. 

Daniel Post Senning writes about manners just like his famous ancestor. 

ICE A Cell Phone For Winter

Jan 16, 2014

Mild as it's been so far, there's a lot of winter ahead of us. 

We can expect snow and rain and ice and ICE. 

New Laws For The New Year In Oregon

Jan 8, 2014
M.O. Stevens/Wikimedia

Taking a call from a loved one while you're driving just got more expensive in Oregon. 

The fines for cell phone use while driving just bumped up with the new year.

VENTSday: Snow Stories + Cell Phones On Planes

Dec 11, 2013

How was your week in the snow and how do you feel about cell phone use on planes?

Our weekly ritual is renewed, as we throw a pair of topics on the table--in theory, unrelated--and open up the phone lines and the email box to gather your take on either or both of the issues.