Azoreg, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Babies need a lot of touch and attention when they're growing up. 

Come to think of it, so do their mothers.  Linda Otto, who never had kids of her own, realized the need for something like unofficial grandmothers to help babies and their mothers thrive. 

Thus was born "Grandmas2Go," a service bringing support to high risk babies and their mothers and families in the Rogue Valley. 


"Birds do it, bees do it..." We are pretty clear on the reproductive process in nature, including OUR nature. 

Now, anyway... but for much of human history, we might as well have truly believed in storks delivering babies.  Everything from religion to lack of good microscopes got in the way. 

Science journalist Edward Dolnick follows the progress of science toward getting a handle on how babies are made, in his book The Seeds of Life

Maybe the birth rate is way off from what it was in the baby boom years, but there's still a lot of attention and industry focused on keeping mothers and babies healthy.

And an event coming to Ashland this weekend focused on the same subject.