Targeting Antibiotics In Oregon Farm Animals

Mar 27, 2015
Amy Quinton/Capital Public Radio

We get frequent warnings from health officials about the overuse of antibiotics. 

If the drugs don't help, we shouldn't take them. 

That's a harder message to get across to the agriculture industry, which routinely supplies the drugs to farm animals to make them free of infection and growing briskly. 

OSPIRG is pushing bills in the Oregon legislature to limit the practice. 


There are ways in which you do NOT want your state to be on the bottom of the list nationally. 

But Oregon is last in one category, and state health officials are quite proud of it. 

The rate of unnecessary antibiotic use in Oregon is the lowest in the country. 

The state's Public Health Division keeps track of the numbers and encourages doctors to keep them low.

Curbing Unnecessary Antibiotic Prescriptions

Nov 25, 2013

The medical powers-that-be are so concerned about bacteria developing resistance to antibiotics that Oregon has a program in place to discourage the unnecessary use of the drugs. 

The AWARE program (Alliance Working for Antibiotic Resistance Education) can report some success, too.