Signal Impairment Report

JPR operates an extensive network of transmitters and translators located throughout Southern Oregon and Northern California.  These transmission devices are linked to JPR's Ashland and Redding studios via one of the largest microwave relay networks in the United States.  Much of JPR's broadcast equipment is housed in remote mountaintop communication facilities that can be difficult to reach during harsh weather conditions.  And, very few of these facilities have back-up electrical power making them susceptible to service interruptions when commercial power fails.  Additionally, many listeners receive JPR via low-power, passive FM translators which are not able to be monitored in our studios.
Because of these factors, JPR relies heavily on listener reports of service anomalies, impairments and outages. Following are known impairments and/or outages related to JPR's service to the region.  We do our best to update this page about known service issues.  If you are experiencing an interruption in your service please email us at -- this email address will alert our chief engineer and also other key staff about issues that need to be addressed.  Please include the community in which you live, the frequency on which you normally listen (along with JPR service) and a description of the impairment (silence, static, an interfering station).  When in doubt please let us know!


Humboldt County:  A driver hit a power pole outside our studios at approximately 10:30pm on Wednesday, 4/9 causing a power outage on the Southern Oregon University campus.  When power was restored, a power supply in a piece of equipment we use to encode and feed our audio to both KNHT and KNHM in Humboldt County failed and we are having a replacement unit shipped overnight mail.  We should receive it tomorrow and be able to make the necessary repair.  Thanks for your patience -- it's been a rough week.


Northern California (All stations and services from Yreka south) -- Audio was restored on 4/8 at about 1pm for our Rhythm & News and Classics & News stations.  We're waiting for a piece of equipment to be repaired in order to re-establish service on our News and Information service.  For a complete blow-by-blow update CLICK HERE.


Ongoing through April 2014 -- JPR's News and Information Service station, KAGI AM930 in Grants Pass, has not been as stable as normal.  KAGI has been operating on a backup transmitter (the equivalent of the old Buick that's still running) since the main transmitter was blown up by lightening several months ago. We recently settled the insurance claim, which provided about half the funds to replace the transmitter.  We've ordered a brand new $32,000 state-of-the-art transmitter which should arrive in a few weeks. You'll see the reliability of KAGI improve greatly when we get that new transmitter installed and operating. Right now we're just hoping the old Buick keeps running with a little TLC. Please let us know if you notice any further impairments. Thanks for your patience -- the new transmitter is scheduled to be shipped to us on April 10th.