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Jefferson Exchange | April 4, 2014 | 8:00
10:10 am
Fri April 4, 2014

First Friday Arts: David Morris And Jack Morris

David Morris.
Credit Mike Meador/

David Morris and Jack Morris regale us with song and story.

Father-and-son musicians David and Jack Morris will be our featured guests on this First Friday of April, on their way to a session at the Ashland Independent Film Festival. 

Video Extra: The full version of "Gypsy Davy."

The first Friday of any month has become a day to celebrate the arts around our region.  Several communities hold First Friday art walks, and some hold similar observances on other weekend days.

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Jefferson Exchange | April 4, 2014 | 8:30
10:10 am
Fri April 4, 2014

Filmmaker Barbara Kopple At AIFF

Credit Cabin Creek Films

Barbara Kopple talks about her filmmaking career and her Oscar wins.

Barbara Kopple is one of the featured guests at the Ashland Independent Film Festival taking place this weekend (April 3-7). 

Kopple is the winner of a pair of Oscars for her previous efforts. 

And her film on the Hemingway (as in Ernest) family, "Running From Crazy," will screen at AIFF this weekend as well. 

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Jefferson Exchange | April 4, 2014 | 9:00
10:10 am
Fri April 4, 2014

The Best Bad Guys: "Villains, Scoundrels, and Rogues"

Credit Prometheus Books

Paul Martin introduces us to the miscreants in his book "Villains, Scoundrels, and Rogues."

Generations of movie audiences have thrilled to the gory exploits of Norman Bates in Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho." 

But many of the moviegoers may be unaware that Norman was based on Wisconsin's Ed Gein, who treated women even more poorly than the fictional Mr. Bates.

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Jefferson Exchange | April 3, 2014 | 8:00
10:10 am
Thu April 3, 2014

Rough And Ready Lumber Coming Back

Credit Photo: Cassandra Profita

Jennifer Phillipi explains the mechanisms that will get Rough and Ready back in business.

What was once lost is returning. 

Rough and Ready Lumber closed its doors near Cave Junction several months ago, shutting the last operating sawmill in Josephine County. 

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Jefferson Exchange | April 3, 2014 | 8:30
10:10 am
Thu April 3, 2014

The Pro Side On Jackson County's Extension Measure

Credit João Felipe C.S./Public Domain

Meredith Reynolds, Jack Douggan and Kevin Talbert give the PRO side on the Extension measure.

The local ballot measures are the big news items in Oregon's May 20 primary election. 

That's especially true in Jackson County, where an anti-GMO crop measure is up for a vote.  And there's a measure to fund libraries as well.  And another: a measure to keep the Oregon State Extension service operating in the county. 

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Jefferson Exchange | April 3, 2014 | 9:00
10:10 am
Thu April 3, 2014

Barbie Dolls And Career Options

The Barbie Runway at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis.
Credit Public Domain

Dr. Aurora Sherman walks us through her Barbie experiment and its findings.

The iconic Barbie doll comes in for a fair amount of criticism, primarily for its nearly anatomically impossible depiction of the female form. 

Now a study from the psychology school at Oregon State University finds another issue. 

The study suggests that girls who play with Barbie dolls may think of their own career choices as more limited than those of boys. 

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Jefferson Exchange | April 02, 2014
10:10 am
Wed April 2, 2014

Fair Housing Issues For College Students

Credit Associated Students of SOU (ASSOU)

Kristi Wright describes the issues SOU students encounter in renting houses.

Being a college student is tough enough these days… did you see the recent news that accumulated student debt is now more than a trillion dollars in America? 

Then there's the issue of housing. 

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Jefferson Exchange | April 2, 2014 | 8:30
10:10 am
Wed April 2, 2014

VENTSday: DUI Death Penalties + Landlord/Tenant Issues


Callers vent on proper penalties for DUI deaths and landlord/tenant problems.

Maximum penalties for drunk driving and horror stories of landlord/tenant relations are the topics of this week's VENTSday segment.

We do not schedule guests for Wednesday at 8:30, because that's the time for VENTSday, your chance to vent (politely, please) on a pair of topics in the news.  We bring the topics, you bring the opinions.

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Jefferson Exchange | April 2, 2014 | 9:00
10:10 am
Wed April 2, 2014

Using The Tax Return To Protest War

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter costs around $135 Million each to build.
Credit U.S. Navy/Public Domain

Susan Cundiff and Peg Morton describe war tax protest and resistance--and the reactions to them.

There are probably few people who look forward to April 15th.

It is, after all, the day when our income tax returns are due. 

But there are people who relish the opportunity to make a statement about where our tax money goes.

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Jefferson Exchange | April 01, 2014
10:44 am
Tue April 1, 2014

The Buzz About Bees

Credit Amy Quinton/Capital Public Radio

Dr. Dewey Caron join us to share the world of beekeeping.

Spring is here and the flowers are blooming.  The bees can't be far behind.

Despite problems with bee populations, there are still many pollinators at work keeping our plants growing and thriving.

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