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Colorful vignettes dedicated to the regional history of Southern Oregon and Northern California. As It Was is an all volunteer effort -- produced by Raymond Scully and narrated by Shirley Patton in partnership with writers from the Southern Oregon Historical Society.

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10:43 am
Thu November 28, 2013

Robbery in Hilt, Calif., Nets $150 and $1,500 Diamond Ring

Episode 2288
Victor Eugene “Slim” Warrens knew how to run a profitable saloon and he was fond of diamonds.  He didn’t take kindly to being robbed.
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10:36 am
Wed November 27, 2013

Lakeview Museum Contains Beaded Purse Missing a Flower

Episode 2287
In September of this year, Jefferson Public Radio’s As It Was series told the story of how Salita Jane Henderson, a little girl curious about a medicine bottle hanging on her family’s wagon on the Oregon Trail, drank the liquid inside and died of laudanum poisoning.
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10:30 am
Tue November 26, 2013

Waitress Takes Engineer's Order from Smoking Train

Episode 2286
For many years, people and products depended on trains to travel from town to town.  Medford folks could journey to Ashland, or Grants Pass, conduct business, and return the same day. The train engineer was important and town folks knew him, especially during the 1910s.
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10:19 am
Mon November 25, 2013

Schools Convert Camp White Nurses Barracks into Classrooms

Episode 2285
Post-war families were pouring into the Rogue Valley in 1947, their children crowding Central Point Elementary School.  There just wasn’t enough classroom space to handle them.
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10:11 am
Fri November 22, 2013

Mysterious Wanderer Gives Yoncalla Indians Biblical Names

Episode 2284
A son of Oregon trailblazer Lindsey Applegate named Jesse Applegate Applegate (yes, that’s right: his middle and last names were the same) was an author, teacher and amateur ethnographer.  As a youth in the 1850s, he made close friends with the Indians near his family home in the Yoncalla Valley, which the Indians called Splashta Alla, the Valley of the Birds.
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10:05 am
Thu November 21, 2013

Medford Families Win Powerball Jackpot

Episode 2283
In October 2005, Bob Chaney was retired and living with his wife, Francis, in Jacksonville. The Chaney’s daughter, Carolyn, and their son-in-law, Medford landscaper Steve West, were living in a modest Medford home.
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10:01 am
Wed November 20, 2013

Powell Family Leaves Ashland for Alaska Gold Rush

Episode 2282
In 1898, Ashland resident Thaddeus Powell, 28 years old, married and with a new baby at home, was feeling restless.  He told his wife, Laura, that he was either going to fight in the Spanish-American War over Cuba, The Philippines, Guam and Puerto Rico or join the gold rush in Alaska.  Laura replied, “Well, you’re not going to war!”
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9:53 am
Mon November 18, 2013

Hydraulic Mines Operate in1900s along Klamath River

Episode 2280
Some large and profitable mines operated in the early 1900s at Happy Camp, Calif., on the Klamath River.
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9:49 am
Fri November 15, 2013

Ashland Police Raid Opium Joints in 1913

Episode 2279
On the weekend of April 19, l913, six noisy people from nearby Medford were disturbing the peace in the neighborhood of the Imperial rooming house on Fourth Street in Ashland, Ore.  A city councilman who lived nearby called the police who sent Night Officer Porter, Special Officer Bert Turner, and Councilman Sherman to arrest everyone, including C. Woodburn, the proprietor.  The police found two complete opium smoking sets.
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9:41 am
Thu November 14, 2013

Woman Describes Six-Day Road Trip to California in 1922

Episode 2278
Sixty-nine years later, Marjorie H. Gardner described a road trip in 1922 from Eugene, Ore., to San Francisco, Calif.  Her family drove a Willys-Overland automobile and a Hupmobile, open touring cars with imitation leather seats and flapping side curtains.  Still under construction, Highway 99’s detours went through farm yards and badlands and over corduroy roads, wagon ruts and Indian trails.

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