Western Miner, J.F. Reddy, Becomes Mayor of Medford

Jul 10, 2015


Patriotism and boosterism were terms applied to the life of J. F. Reddy of Medford, Ore. A Spokane pioneer, he came to Medford in 1903 to sell the Blue Ledge Mine, and stayed.

By 1907 Reddy was Mayor of Medford and got the streets paved.  As a promoter of the Pacific and Eastern Railroad, he knew all the important railroad people in the West.

In 1911, he and his wife toured Europe for several months—always insisting on buying Rogue Valley apples. He paid as much as 20 cents apiece for them. He even ate Medford apples on his trip home aboard the Lusitania.

His real passion was mining.  He owned mines all over the West.  He even mined unprofitable chrome during World War I to support the war effort. Later one of Reddy’s daughters mined chrome in Alaska for the government just before World War II.

Reddy helped out miners whenever he could with money and advice. He knew them all, from the big time operators to individual prospectors.

The Reddy’s built their home in the Queen Anne addition to Medford, where a street is named for him.

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