Two Klamath Basin Counties Plan New Talks

Oct 2, 2013

Leaders in two Klamath Basin counties who oppose taking down dams as part of a regional settlement of water issues say they're planning an alternative to talks aimed at salvaging the agreements.

Copco One Dam on the Klamath River.
Credit Amelia Templeton/EarthFix

The Klamath Falls Herald and News reports that commissioners in Oregon's Klamath County and supervisors in California's Siskiyou County met on Monday.

In June, Oregon Senator Ron Wyden called for more work on two regional water agreements that have met congressional opposition because of their cost, and provisions for removing four Klamath River dams.

A panel Wyden organized is readying recommendations that are expected to keep intact the provisions calling for the dams to be removed.

The Wyden group includes tribal members, irrigators, and others with interests in the basin's longstanding water struggle.