Sweet Success! Fall Fund Drive Surpasses Goal

Oct 24, 2014

JPR's Fall 2014 Fund Drive takes place from October 21st through the 28th. We hope you'll participate in this grassroots fundraising effort that helps fund JPR's service to the region.

You can make a pledge by CLICKING HERE or by calling us at 1-888-552-6191.

  • FALL DRIVE GOAL:  $190,000 (all JPR services)
  • NEW MEMBERS:  400

From all of us here at JPR, thanks so much for your support of our work!

Update |Tuesday, 10/28: With a record last day, we surpassed our Fall Fund Drive goal reaching a total of $191,231 to support JPR's service to the community.  We welcomed 396 new members to our family of supporters.  We are humbled by the confidence our listeners consistently display in our organization -- thank you so much for being such a great public radio audience.


Update | Monday, 10/27: With a solid response by JPR listeners today, our pledge total stands at $121,264 toward our $190,000 goal -- leaving just under $69,000 to raise before our drive ends tomorrow. Like always it seems, we'll need a BIG last day.  We're confident JPR listeners will come through tomorrow!  Please take a moment to make a pledge to help push us over the top!


Update | Sunday, 10/26:  We raised nearly $9,000 in just a few hours during morning programs -- thanks so much to everyone who chipped in. With our pledge total now just over $92,000 we're looking forward to two fantastic final days in order to reach our $190,000 goal by the end of the day Tuesday.  We'll be taking the rest of Sunday off encouraging online pledges.  We hope you enjoy your favorite Sunday programs pledge free!

Update | Saturday, 10/25:  We advanced our pledge totals during popular Saturday morning programs then sent our volunteers and staff home for a pledge free afternoon.  As of 3pm our total stands at $83,236 with 192 new members.  We're making progress, but we'll need to have a very productive Sunday morning to be in a position to complete our drive successfully on Tuesday.


Update | Friday, 10/24:  What a great day!  We added 90 new members and raised $23,540 on New Member Friday -- the best day of the drive so far.  Our sincere gratitude to JPR volunteer and long-time friend Peter Sage for matching new member pledges today!  Welcome to all our new members ...


Update | Thursday, 10/23:  We ended the day eclipsing the $50,000 mark with our pledge total standing at $50,655. A total of 513 donors have now participated in our Fall Drive.  We're looking forward to New Member Friday tomorrow!


Update | Wednesday, 10/22:  168 JPR listeners contributed today raising $17,742 to support our service to the region.  At the end of the day, our pledge total stands at $33,776 which includes contributions from a total of 65 first-time donors.


Update | Tuesday, 10/21:  We raised $15,564 in total pledges on Day 1, a good start to the campaign.  New members totaled 35 on our first day and total donors were 191.  Thanks to everyone who contributed on Day 1!  Congratulations to Nadine Peterson from Mt. Shasta who won our Day 1 drawing for 50 classical music cd's.  And, congratulations to Karen Stiles from Cave Junction who won our Day drawing for 50 Open Air cd's.