Miner Invests in Tigertown Hotel, Store and Livery Stable

Jan 11, 2017

In the 1890’s, Charlie Gilmore and a partner had mined out a pocket of gold on Green Creek.  Gilbert used his earnings to build a hotel, store, and livery stable at what became known as Tigertown, Ore.

Miners in the Althouse, Bolan and Green Creek area of Josephine County could splurge and go to the hotel for a hot meal and good company.  If they wanted to stay all night, Mrs. Gilmore would make them take a bath even if it hadn’t been a month since their last one.

Gilmore sold them supplies that his two sons packed on mules to the mines.  One miner had a saying about Gilmore that went like this: “Charlie Gilmore, he’s a good ol’ scout, he’ll load ya’ right up, and pack ya’ right out.”

In the winter of 1900, the miners were so worried that the last Chinese miner still living in the area might starve to death that they pitched in and paid for supplies for him.  When Gilmore delivered the goods, he explained that the Josephine County miners had contributed them.  The old man replied, “That Josephine County must be a very fine man.”

For the most part, that was true.

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