Lish Applegate's $15,000 Pledge Secures University for Eugene

Jun 25, 2014

 It was said that Elisha Lindsay Applegate, eldest son of Oregon trailblazer Lindsay Applegate, was “gifted with a remarkable memory, … a vivid imagination, and a keen sense of humor.” 

 Lish, as he was known, was a prominent Republican in Oregon, and missed becoming a U.S. Senator by only one legislative vote. Eventually, though, Lish became a Populist, annoying many of his Republican friends.   He had a reputation of not having much money of his own, but possessing a “shrewd head and quick wit” and having achieved fame for long-winded oratory and storytelling. Applegate settled in Ashland, but played a key role in securing the University of Oregon for Eugene. The Legislature had decreed that the town had to raise $50,000.  Even by counting the value of every donation, including cows, eggs, labor, lumber, bricks and nails, the town had only raised $35,000.Applegate saved the day by pledging $15,000. Even though he had no money and never paid a dime, his signature satisfied the Legislature. One writer described Applegate as “one of those handy men who are never stumped.”

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