Lewiston's Historic District Includes Hotel Rebuilt in 1875

Jun 25, 2014

 The historic mining town of Lewiston, Calif., with a population today of about 1,500, is located along Hwy 299 and the Trinity River.  The highway connects Redding to Weaverville and ultimately, the Coast. 

Originally called Lewistown, the community dates to a trading post established in 1850 by a Mr. Lewis. In 1852, he built a bridge across the Trinity River for north and southbound pack trains.  Floods in 1855 washed away the bridge, and subsequent flood waters also destroyed a series of replacement bridges.One remaining landmark is the Lewiston Inn, a two-story hotel dating to 1875.A Mr. Berber ran the hotel during its earliest years.  Subsequent owners were Mart Van Matre and John Koll who ran it until the mid-1920s.  Fire destroyed the hotel in 1895, but it was rebuilt in 1898.  After being restored and reopened in 1989, it functions today as a bed and breakfast. Stagecoaches regularly traveled through Lewiston until about 1915. Passengers changed stages at Lewiston and those traveling to Weaverville had supper at the Lewiston Hotel. The Old Lewiston Schoolhouse Library and Museum is another landmark located within the Lewiston Historic District.

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