JPR Live Session: Gypsy Soul (2016)

Feb 12, 2016

Enticing but never predictable, Gypsy Soul mixes every influence they love into their compositions, creating the familiar sound that is exclusively Gypsy Soul –Roots, Soul, Rock, Blues, Jazz and Pop. Over the years the duo has produced 12 albums, each a collection of exquisitely composed songs reflecting their lives at that particular moment in history, and each a journey evolved from and moving beyond those that came before.

Their latest and thirteenth album, True, was just released. Never will you hear 2 songs alike. Though their music is based on a through-line of Roman Morykit’s rich orchestrations and Cilette Swann’s captivating lyrics, creating the recognizable Gypsy Soul sound, each album is a lone journey steeped in universal desires and concerns, loves and losses, safely wrapped up and delivered to our hearts by their familiar opening chords.

Gypsy Soul's 3rd Annual Valentine's Concert and Dinner is Saturday night, February 13th at the Jacksonville Inn Ballroom.  They also perform Saturday February 27th at Black Market Gourmet in Coos Bay.  Tickets and information on both shows is available at