Jackson County News and Information Service Now At 102.3FM

Sep 21, 2015

JPR's News and Information Service is now available on 102.3FM in the Rogue Valley! After nearly a year of concentrated effort to acquire and construct an FM translator for our News and Information Service in Jackson County, we began service today. Broadcasting is a highly regulated industry and the effort to make this happen was multi-layered, requiring extensive legal and technical work and the joint support of Southern Oregon University and the JPR Foundation.  We’re thrilled to be able to announce this significant service improvement and encourage our Jackson County listeners to check out the new frequency. The change will enhance the audio quality of the News and Information Service in Jackson County, especially during programs that feature music, such as A Prairie Home Companion and West Coast Live. Another big improvement will be that 102.3FM will have much better coverage during evenings.  We hope listeners who never venture onto the AM band will newly discover the excellent programs the News and Information Service offers at the new spot on the FM dial. We expect the coverage area of the new 102.3FM frequency to be very close to the existing daytime signal of KSJK/1230AM, covering most of Jackson County (see map above). As is the case with most radio signals, car antennas will pull in a stronger signal than typical home or office antennas.