The Historic Requa Inn Takes Name from Fish Cannery Center

Jun 25, 2014

 The Historic Requa Inn is located in Klamath, Calif., one mile from the ocean and less than 100 yards from the Klamath River.  Originally it was called the Pioneer Inn and was built in the mid-1880s, but that structure burned in 1913. The following year, a new hotel called the Klamath Inn was built by W. T. Bailey. The inn flourished for many years until the local commercial fishing industry closed down in 1933.  The inn was bought and sold over the years and in 1985 Paul and Donna Hamby restored and reopened it in 1986.  Again it was sold in 2002 to David and Barbara Gross who officially renamed it the Historic Requa Inn after the original town of Requa, a fish cannery center on the river in the 1800s. A hotel for more than 100 years, the Requa is the only historic lodging located in the center of the Redwood National Park. Originally a 22-bed hotel, it now has10 rooms, all with private baths.  It has been included on the National Geographic Traveler’s “Stay List,” a collection of 129 so-called “We Love” hotels in North America.

 Source: Jenner, Gail L., and Bernita L. Tickner. Historic Inns & Eateries in the State of Jefferson. Tahlequah, Okla.: Old American Publishing, 2010. 76-77.