Dungeness Crab Prices Set

Dec 13, 2013

Dungeness crab fishers will begin setting their pots today after reaching a price agreement with seafood processors.

Credit Jon Sullivan

With the Oregon Department of Agriculture supervising negotiations, the sides agreed to a minimum price of $2.65 per pound, a 35-cent increase from a year ago, and the highest price ever agreed upon for an opening.

That price is locked in for 24 hours. After that, market conditions dictate pricing.

Though crabbers can set their pots Friday, they can't harvest any crab until Monday.

The season normally opens December 1, but this year it was delayed for 15 days to allow the crabs to fill with meat. Last year's season didn't open until December 31.

Hugh Link of the Oregon Dungeness Commission says the dealy assures top quality crabs will be delivered to ports.