California Senate Leader Opposes Legal Marijuana

Sep 27, 2013

California Senate Leader Darrell Steinberg says he doesn’t back the legalization of marijuana.  That’s despite a new poll showing majority support and a new voter initiative entering circulation for signatures.

California State Senate President Darrell Steinberg in 2012
Credit Capital Public Radio Network

Steinberg: “I’ve seen too many people that I grew up with ruin their lives as a result of using that drug and other drugs.  And I just don’t think we should legalize it.”

The latest Public Policy Institute of California survey out this week shows 52 percent of all adults and 60 percent of likely voters favor the drug’s legalization.

And Thursday, the Secretary of State’s office cleared backers of legalizing marijuana to start gathering signatures for a November 2014 ballot initiative.  Supporters have until late February to turn the signatures in.

Steinberg has supported the medicinal use of marijuana.  He also pushed legislation that would help regulate medical cannabis, but it stalled in the final days of this year’s session.