Ashland Heads For Water Restrictions

May 5, 2014

Credit Wikimedia

Car washing and outdoor watering could draw frowns and even fines in the city of Ashland this summer, if drought conditions persist. 

The city is beginning to use the word "will" rather than "might" in discussing water restrictions. 

Just before the rains of early May began, the city announced potential water restrictions for later in the year. 

Those could include banning all outdoor use of water, whether for gardens or car washing or anything else.

A statement on the city's website says once the water flowing into Reeder Reservoir drops below the overall water usage, curtailment will start.  The city says that could be as soon as June 1st.

Ashland city ordinance specifies four stages of water curtailment, with water use maximums dropping as the stage number grows.  In stage 4, no irrigation is allowed, residential or commercial. 

And the city charges more for water used over the specified maximum, four times the water rate in stages 1-3, ten times the rate in stage 4.

The city already announced changes to planting and watering procedures in city parks (see related story below), and a pipe to tie into the Medford water system is being constructed.

EXTRA: Link to city tips on Water-Wise Gardening.