Danielle Kelly

Open Air Host

From Sitka, Alaska, Danielle Kelly moved to Ashland in 2003 to Study theater at Southern Oregon University, acquiring a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2007. She has remained in the Rogue Valley since, pursuing a performance career with modeling, commercial acting, and working as a live performance vocalist. She manages and is the lead singer of her two performance groups: DK Soul Project and DK Jazz Project, and adds hosting Jefferson Public radio’s Open Air to her resume for 2015.

Soul Is Back

Aug 31, 2016

My mom grew up in inner city Detroit, attending grade school in the 1960s with Stevie Wonder. She shared social studies, science and an arts elective called “Auditorium” with Mr. Wonder. In this class, students were required to create mock radio shows and Stevie’s contribution was usually playing his harmonica.