Listener Announcements

KAGI At Low Power In Grants Pass

Aug 31, 2015

Upated 9/18/15 | 6:00 am -- Repairs made last night returned KAGI back to full power. Thanks again for hanging in there with us during a rough time at the KAGI site.

Upated 9/17/15 | 7:00 pm -- Our engineer will be making repairs this evening that should allow KAGI to return to full power.  We expect intermittent outages throughout the evening.  Tomorrow should be a brighter day for KAGI listeners.  Thanks for your patience!

Klamath Basin & Northern California Signal Update

Aug 31, 2015

Pacific Power has notified us of scheduled maintenance that will affect JPR service this coming Monday, August 31st in the Klamath Basin and Northern California. Service will be affected from approximately 10am - 3pm in the following counties: Klamath, Lake, Shasta, Siskiyou, Modoc and Lassen. 

We are working to maintain service for as long as possible, however, we are not able to use portable generators due to current fire risk. 

Service Outage Affecting Douglas County

Aug 7, 2015

The microwave transmitter sending our signal north has gone down. Our engineer is at the site as of 3:00pm on 8/7 and is working to fix the issue. 

In the meantime you can still hear JPR on the three live streams found on our website:

Thank you for your patience!

Pacific Power and PG&E have notified us of scheduled maintenance that will affect JPR service this coming Friday, August 7th in the Klamath Basin and Northern California. Details are listed below:

Humboldt and Mendocino Counties - Planned outage from 8am - 12pm

Klamath, Lake, Siskiyou, and Shasta Counties  - Planned outage from 10am - 3pm

We are working to maintain service for as long as possible, however, we are not able to use portable generators due to current fire risk. 

In the fall of 2014, NPR announced plans to restructure its newsroom with the goal of de-emphasizing the isolated work of single beat reporters. Instead, NPR envisioned a more interdisciplinary approach to covering important national and international issues with reporters capable of exploring those issues from numerous vantage points. For instance, NPR reduced the number of dedicated environmental beat reporters and made it the job of every reporter, regardless of their beat, to explore and report on environmental issues as part of their work.

Updated 7/15/15 | 6:15pm ​-- JPR engineers installed new modules today to repair our KAGI transmitter and return our News and Information Service to Josephine County following a lightning strike that took place late last week.  We also combed the electrical infrastructure of the KAGI transmitter building improving the grounding significantly.  In the coming week we'll add a third industrial surge protector to the site to avoid future damage and downtime.  These kinds of electrical issues can be very difficult to trouble shoot and resolve on sites we lease from other broadcasters.

Updated 7/7/15 | 4:00 pm -- The signals for Rhythm&News and Classics&News in Siskiyou and Shasta Counties have been restored. 

Classics and News and Rhythm and News went of the air this morning due to an issue with the microwave transmitter. Our engineer is working to resolve the problem as soon as possible. 

Stuart Mullenberg

This American Life creator Ira Glass recently caused a ruckus in public media circles when he told a reporter covering an April event designed to attract potential podcast funders: “My hope is that we can move away from a model of asking listeners for money and join the free market. I think we’re ready for capitalism, which made this country so great. Public radio is ready for capitalism.”

Public media idealists bristled at the notion, lighting up social media sites to criticize Glass for selling out.

KJPR Off the Air in Redding

Jun 29, 2015

Excessive heat late last week in the Redding area caused a failure for KJPR. 

In the meantime we encourage our listeners to listen on our News&Information live stream.

Update 6/29: 2pm -- KJPR restored

Signal Impairment on 1280 AM in Eugene

Jun 23, 2015

Update: Diagnosed and repaired 6/23/16 at Noon

The signal for 1280 AM has been impaired for several days. Our engineer is working on diagnosing what is causing the problem and we hope to have a clear signal again soon.

In the meantime we encourage listeners in the affected area to listen on our News&Information live stream

Thank you for your patience!

An early morning power outage on the SOU campus ruined Monday morning for JPR listeners and staff.  When power returned at around 5:30am an amplifier that's critical to our system that relays our Rhythm and News and Classics and News signals to Coos, Curry, and parts of Douglas Counties did not recover.  Our intrepid engineer, Darin Ransom, came up with a temporary solution while we get the amplifier repaired and service was restored today (Monday) at approximately 1:45pm.  Thanks for bearing with us -- we wish we had a backup power system at our studios.

R&N and C&N Off the Air on the Oregon Coast

Jun 8, 2015

Updated 6/9/15 | 1:20 pm -- The signal for Rhythm&News and Classics&News  on the Oregon Coast has been restored. Thank you for your patience!

The signal for Rhythm&News and Classics&News is out on the Oregon Coast. Our engineer is currently working on diagnosing what is causing the outage. 

We encourage listeners in the affected area to listen to our Rhythm&News Live Stream or our Classics&News Live Stream.

All Things JPR

Jun 1, 2015
Sue Jaffe

It’s been a busy time here at JPR and I thought I’d take a moment in this month’s column to provide listeners a quick summary of recent developments.

                                                       Spring Fund Drive

We completed our Spring Fund Drive in April and, as usual, it was a wild ride.  It took us a few extra hours past our 8pm deadline on the last night to reach our $190,000 goal and over half of the funds we raised were pledged during the last two days of the drive.  As important an accomplishment as reaching our goal, was the fact that we significantly increased the number of sustaining members from 26% of our supporters to 32%.  This huge jump will have a positive impact on our operations in the months ahead, lowering our overall fundraising costs and evening out cash flow to fund our expenses.  With April now behind us, we’ll continue to work with listeners mostly off air during May and June to raise $140,000 in order to reach our annual listener support goal for our fiscal year which ends on June 30th. We appreciate the generous support and many comments about how much listeners value our service.

News and Information Signal Out in Grants Pass

Jun 1, 2015

Updated: 6/5/15 | 4:45pm -- New transmitter section installed and KAGI back to full power!  Thanks for your patience.

Updated: 6/5/15 | 3pm -- The new transmitter section arrived via overnight mail and our engineer is headed to the KAGI site to install it.  With any luck, we'll return to the airwaves in time for your favorite weekend programs.

JPR's website will be in transition this morning (Thursday, May 21) starting at about 9:30am as it gets a facelift to a more mobile and tablet friendly design. The new "responsive" design will optimize the site’s layout for each individual user according to the screen size of the device being used to access

KSMF 89.1 Rhythm and News and KSRG 88.3 Classics and News in the Rogue Valley are expected to experience outages this morning as one of our engineers does some work on the Mt. Baldy Transmission site. Interruptions should be brief and service is expected to continue as normal. Let us know if you hear anything out of the ordinary later in the day!

New Partners

May 1, 2015

During the coming months, JPR will be collaborating with the Seattle-based non-profit journalism organization InvestigateWest to produce a series of stories that explore different aspects of Oregon’s timber economy with a focus on how they play out in Southern Oregon. 

JPR's Spring Fund took place April 7-14.  

This grassroots fundraising effort is a vital element of sustaining JPR's service to the region.  Local support from listeners and businesses comprises 76% of the resources that enable us to create and broadcast our diverse schedule of programs that feed the human intellectual and creative spirit.

Thanks so much to everyone who made our drive a success, achieving our goal of $190,000.

If you missed the drive and would like to make a contribution, there's still time -- please CLICK HERE.

John W. Poole/NPR

Harkening back to the golden age of radio when radio was the dominant home entertainment medium and families gathered around elegant living room radio consoles to experience the latest episodes of Dick Tracy, The Lone Ranger or The Shadow, dramatic audio storytelling is making a comeback.  While the nostalgic days of radio are long gone, podcasts are breathing new life into the tradition of telling stories without pictures. 

Consider this:

·         Last year, Apple reported that subscriptions of podcasts through iTunes reached 1 billion.

For the last month we’ve been in the process of transitioning to a new computer system that serves as the nerve center for recording and routing all the programming we broadcast. This system pulls in programs we receive from national sources, like NPR, PRI and other networks, and also controls all our local announcements, programs and station IDs.  After writing over 63,000 lines of programming code that tells this new system what to do at every second of the day, we launched it on Saturday, March 14th at about 10pm.