Klamath Agency Prepares For Big Dam Removal

Feb 27, 2018

2018 figures to be a big year for the Klamath River Renewal Corporation

KRRC is the new entity set up to take ownership of the four hydro dams on the Klamath River slated for removal. 

Most of the staff will be hired by this year, and the process of hiring companies and people to do the dam removal work is also scheduled.  Dam demolition will start in two years, on the current timeline. 

Dave Meurer, as community liaison for the KRRC, has the task of keeping the public up to speed on the massive project. 

He visits with an overview of the work ahead.  

UPDATE 1: $200 Million will be collected from Pacific Power customers for dam removal, the balance already collected is around $150 Million now, says Pacificorp.

UPDATE: A listener's question about the order of dam removal produced this response from AECOM, the contractor: "J.C. Boyle, Copco No. 1 and Iron Gate will all be drawn down simultaneously as you mentioned below.  Copco No. 2 doesn't have much reservoir storage or accumulated sediment, so it actually won't be drawn down until later in the spring (that facility will  continue to produce power through drawdown).  All four dams will be demolished more or less simultaneously, with separate crews working at each site to complete the work (demolish, haul material and debris, and place stockpile material) within the in-stream construction window (typically June through October)."