Judge Refuses To Block California Sanctuary State Law

Jul 6, 2018
Andrew Harnik / AP

A federal judge has denied a request by the Trump administration to block California’s “sanctuary state” law, designed to shield immigrants in the country without legal documentation, as well as another immigration law passed last year. But the judge did suspend the majority of a third law for impeding federal immigration agents at work places.

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Updated July 6, 9:11 a.m. Pacific Time

One person has died in Siskiyou County during the Klamathon Fire, reports CalFire. The agency has not released a name as it investigates the incident and notifies the person's relatives.  

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July can be the hottest month of the year, in several senses of the word. 

Even if the weather does not produce totally scorching days, the arts scene is cooking with numerous events, many of them outdoors. 

Our First Friday Arts segment scans the landscape for events on stages and in galleries throughout the region. 

And it's ALL listener-generated content. 

What we put on the air on First Friday is the phone calls we receive.  Put an event on the table (and on the air) by calling 800-838-3760. 


The 1960s came and went, but the spirit stayed in the woods of Lane County. 

It is there, in the woods near Veneta, that the Oregon Country Fair keeps the spirit alive with its extended weekend, July 13-15. 

The feel of the counter-culture is recreated at OCF, with everything from vaudeville to body painting.  Charlie Ruff is the former GM of the fair, and still a dedicated fan. 

Ryan Russell Studios via McConnell Foundation

Downtown Redding will look very different in just a few years.  Between a brand-new Shasta County courthouse and some other projects in the works, something like $200 million will be spent on new construction in the heart of the city.

It's exciting news for the Redding Chamber of Commerce, which itself moved downtown just last year. 

The Redding-based McConnell Foundation put some money into the makeover. 

Just when you think Washington, DC can't get any more exciting, a Supreme Court justice retires and roils the town. 

Anthony Kennedy's departure and replacement is the hot topic in the Senate, which will confirm the replacement. 

Democrats have little say in the process, but they do have opinions.  Both of Oregon's senators (and California's) are Democrats; Sen. Ron Wyden offers his perspective in a swing through Southern Oregon. 

One point: Wyden says not all power resides in Washington.

Josh Gross has a passion for music.  Safe to say that Josh loves music in many forms, and he gets to demonstrate it by making his own AND by covering the music of others in his writing. 

We plug Josh into the Exchange once a month in a segment we call Rogue Sounds. 

Cal Fire Worries: Hot Temps And Fourth Of July Fireworks

Jul 3, 2018
AP Photo/Noah Berger

The County and Pawnee fires in Northern California have doubled the total acreage burned in the state to more than 100,000.

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images via NPR

Escalating trade tensions could threaten nearly 500,000 Oregon jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars worth of exports, according to a U.S. Chamber of Commerce analysis.


Underground History is one of The Jefferson Exchange's most popular segments.

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Getting good dental care in a rural area can be a real problem. 

First, dentists are in short supply.  Second, money tends to be in short supply, so even if the dentists were there, many rural residents still could not afford to go to the. 

We explore the problem of quality rural dental care and its consequences on overall health. 

Bruce Austin is the dental director for the Oregon Health Authority, and Sean Boynes is with the DentaQuest Institute

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Twice in recent weeks, Oregon groups working to get gun-control measures on the ballot had to retreat. 

Pro-gun groups took the measures to court, delaying the collection of signatures.  The measure supporters opted not to try collecting signatures in a very short period of time before a deadline. 

One of the measures would have created a law to require safe storage of guns. 

Oregonians for Safe Gun Storage have not given up on their quest. 

Here Are The 12 Ballot Propositions On California’s November 2018 Election

Jul 1, 2018
Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

Californians will vote on a dozen ballot measures this fall, a decline from the 17 that appeared during the last presidential election — but still a testament to the fact that “citizens love” the initiative process, according to one expert.

“Poll after poll shows that not only citizens support strongly the initiative process, but they believe they do a better job making policy then the Legislature and the governor,” said Wesley Hussey, an associate professor of political science at Sacramento State.

The plan for a liquefied natural gas (LNG) export plant for Jordan Cove, near Coos Bay, is rolling further into regulatory review. 

The plan, resurrected after an earlier federal denial, requires a pipeline crossing the region from North Bend to the Klamath Falls area. 

State agencies make up a piece of the regulatory puzzle, and a comment period is now open on whether the state should issue a water quality permit. 

Michael Hinrichs is a spokesperson for the project.

Run a car engine with the muffler off, and you realize the violence going on in there. 

An internal combustion engine features a lot of--wait for it--combustion.  There are many explosions (okay, controlled burns) every second.  And those make heat that the cooling system has to carry away. 

So what goes on in the radiator and tubing, and what can (and does) go wrong?  Ashland Automotive owner Zach Edwards joins us for another edition of The Squeaky Wheel. 

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California lawmakers and Gov. Jerry Brown have banned cities and counties from enacting new taxes on soda and sugary-drink products.

Intuitive Compass is the diverse talents of song writer and guitar pioneer, Jason Dea West taken together with old time circus freak and accordionist Aurelia Anne Cohen. Purveyors of “Original Western Folk Music” they offer a timeless sound, invoking a musical America of the past with out ever sounding dated. Their provocative lines and dynamic arrangements include elements of country blues, old-time, vintage swing, jazz, frontier balladry, instrumentals and the perpetuation of traditional folk songs.

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Smart phones are extremely common now, and nobody seems to have a problem with them.  But smart meters?  That's a different story completely. 

Pacific Power's announced plans to convert Oregon residential customers to smart meters--devices that deliver power usage information through a wireless network--have met with vocal opposition. 

Members of the public have expressed concerns about the meters and what they are capable of doing, both in tracking power usage and in emitted radiation. 

Greg Grossmeier, CC BY-SA 3.0,

We suspect calluses on both the hands and feet of John Soares.  He is a dedicated and constant hiker, so that would explain foot calluses. 

And he is an energetic and prolific writer, so we can imagine a few keyboarding calluses on his hands. 

He's got two new hiking books out, a fourth edition of 100 Classic Hikes: Northern California, and the smaller, more portable Day Hiking: Mount Shasta, Lassen & Trinity Alps Regions

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The Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and his followers are gone from Oregon, but absolutely not forgotten.  The religious leader set up camp on a ranch in Wasco County in the early 80s, and captured attention and headlines and law enforcement scrutiny. 

What began as a "free love" movement turned darker, including attempts to kill key officials and members of the public. 

This month's edition of Underground History, our regular soiree with the Southern Oregon University Laboratory of Anthropology, covers the after-the-fact investigation of Rajneeshpuram. 

Matthew Cowan of the Oregon Historical Society played a part in the creation of the recent Netflix documentary about the Rajneeshees. 

Dennis Griffin is the state archaelogist who did some work on the ranch.