If you've only been paying attention to marijuana laws for a couple of decades, it can look like pot is on a bit of a high of its own. 

State after state, including California and Oregon, has legalized marijuana for medical or personal use or both.  This moment looked like a sure thing a couple of generations ago. 

But then a backlash began against marijuana and other drugs. 

Emily Dufton tracks the trajectory in Grass Roots: The Rise and Fall and Rise of Marijuana in America

Coquille Indian Tribe

The Coquille Indian Tribe now has more control over its forest land.  

President Donald Trump signed the Western Oregon Tribal Fairness Act on Monday, the tribe announced in a press release.

The act "decouples" the Coquille from federal rules that limited the tribe’s autonomy in managing its own land. 


Jim McGuire

Britt Music & Arts Festival and Britt Orchestra Music Director Teddy Abrams announce the 2018 Britt Orchestra Season, which will run from July 25th through August 11th. The 2018 program draws inspiration from the Bernstein Centennial, a world-wide celebration of the 100th birthday of Leonard Bernstein, the composer, conductor, educator, musician, cultural ambassador, and humanitarian.

Five Things A Californian Should Know About Rent Control

Jan 9, 2018
crazbabe21 / Flickr

One way or another, two words are likely to dominate the complicated politics of California’s housing crisis in 2018: rent control.

Next week state lawmakers will hear a proposal from Assemblyman Richard Bloom, Democrat from Santa Monica, that would allow cities to dramatically restrict what landlords can charge tenants year-over-year. The bill couldn’t even get a hearing last year amid intense opposition from landlords.

Dismissal Of Bundy Case In Nevada Reverberates Across Oregon

Jan 8, 2018
Ken Ritter

A federal judge in Nevada Monday dismissed the criminal indictment against the Bundy family and one of their key supporters, dealing federal prosecutors and federal land management agencies an embarrassing rebuke.

In Oregon, the dismissal prompted both celebration and deep dismay.

The case stemmed from a 2014 standoff between members of the Bundy family, fellow ranchers, armed milita and the Bureau of Land Management.

It's Unclear How Oregon Could Block Federal Cannabis Crackdown

Jan 8, 2018

Several legal observers say that there are limited ways for Oregon officials to defend state-regulated cannabis businesses in the courts in light of changes to federal guidance on enforcement of the drug.


There's general agreement that opioid abuse has reached epidemic levels in our country. 

People from coast to coast started taking prescription drugs designed to counter pain, and now they can't stop. 

A teacher at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) in Portland says primary care physicians should be the key players in curbing opioid addictions, but they lack the support they need.  She outlines the issue in a recent essay in the journal Health Affairs

Legislature Seeks To Block Trump's Push For New Oil Drilling Off California Coast

Jan 5, 2018
bseegov / Flickr

Just hours after the Trump administration moved to open up the federal waters of the Pacific Ocean to oil drilling, California lawmakers sought to throw up a road block.

Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

A growing number of Californians living in areas considered "high fire risk" are finding their insurance companies won't renew their homeowners insurance policy. 

Tony Hisgett, CC BY 2.0,

When you think about it, radio is a good place to discuss issues with our cars and trucks. 

Because half the battle in getting a mechanic to understand the problem with a car is describing the noise it makes. 

Zach Edwards has heard a few noises, both original and recreated, in his years fixing cars and owning Ashland Automotive.  He joins us for a monthly chat about car problems, and we welcome your input. 

United Nations, CC BY 2.0,

Richard Haass thinks a lot about the state of international relations in his role as president of the Council on Foreign Relations. 

He wrote A World in Disarray before Donald Trump took office, and added some thoughts on the last year in a new paperback version of the book. 

In short, the structures that guided the world out of World War II and away from World War III are now out of date, in Haass's estimation.

First Friday Art Walk is an event in several communities in the region. 

We honor them and jump on the bandwagon with our monthly First Friday Arts segment. 

It's deceptively simple... we open the phone lines at 800-838-3760 and invite people to call with news of arts events going on in the coming weeks.  Nothing but listener content here. 

Grab a seat by the radio and hear about arts offerings for January. 


Jackson and Josephine Counties are regarded as two of the most productive counties in Oregon for growing marijuana. 

But the productivity could change in Josephine County this year, now that a new ordinance is in place.  It bans commercial cannabis farming on rural residential lots five acres or smaller and creates other new regulations. 

They are not yet in effect (that happens March 5), but it will be Julie Schmelzer's job to implement them, as Community and Economic Development Director for the county.  She provides details of the current situation and where things might go from here. 

California State Senator Tony Mendoza Takes Leave Of Absence Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations

Jan 4, 2018
Ben Adler/Capital Public Radio

Embattled state Senator Tony Mendoza, under investigation after being accused of inappropriate sexual harassment against a female student Fellow and a former staffer, announced Wednesday evening that he’ll temporarily vacate his office.

Flu Outbreak Grows Serious In Pacific Northwest

Jan 3, 2018
Huntlh via Pixabay

More than 120 Oregonians were hospitalized for flu-related ailments the week ending Dec. 23.

That’s up from 85 cases the week prior.

Investigators: Former Oregon First Lady Violated Ethics Laws

Jan 3, 2018
Pamplin file photo

Former Oregon First Lady Cylvia Hayes violated several state ethics laws when she used her public position and state staff and resources to win a paid fellowship and contracts for her environmental consulting firm between 2011 and 2013, state investigators have concluded.

Stewardship Council

There's an old line directed to gullible people: "if you believe that, I have some swamp land I'd like to sell you."  Is it better if the swamp is just given away? 

The McArthur Swamp in Shasta County is under new ownership as of a few months ago, when Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) finished conveying the nearly 7,700 acres of land to several entities in several ways. 

It's part of larger effort by the utility to protect some of its land. 

It has become nearly impossible to avoid noticing homeless people in just about any community of any size in our region. 

High rents, low vacancy rates, low wages... they are among a long list of contributing factors to homelessness in all corners of the "state of Jefferson." 

We explore the situation in many of the counties we serve, with a series of interviews under the banner "Out in the Cold."  We begin with Mendocino County, very rural but also very close to the San Francisco metropolitan area.

The Christmas carols may be behind us, but the music never stops. 

Certainly not for Josh Gross, the music editor at the Rogue Valley Messenger

Once a month, the day BEFORE First Friday, Josh visits with news of bands coming to play at venues in the region, with a particular emphasis on the Rogue Valley. 

We call it "Rogue Sounds."

Our Wild And Scenic Rivers

Jan 3, 2018

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, a good round-number that begs for a retrospective view of what has been accomplished in the past half century, and also for an eye to the future with its prospects and challenges.

In southwestern Oregon and northern California we have Crater Lake National Park and Mount Shasta, seashores and redwoods, bugling elk and barking sea lions. All these natural highlights astonish, but every bit as extraordinary, we have rivers as ribbons of life connecting all our remarkable landscapes.