Underground History

Underground History is a regular segment of The Jefferson Exchange where we dust off the history right under our noses, and our feet, with Mark Tveskov and Chelsea Rose of the Southern Oregon University Anthropology Lab.

University of Washington Field Methods in Indigenous Archaeology

It's a little cold to be digging in the ground at the moment, but at least we have our summer memories. 

And that's the focus of this month's Underground History segment, with Mark Tveskov of the Southern Oregon University Laboratory of Anthropology (Chelsea Rose is away). 

Mark brings in a couple of guests to talk about the summer archaeology program at the Grande Ronde Reservation. 

It brings archaeologists and tribal members together to search for artifacts using techniques in harmony with tribal values. 

Public Domain

Pilgrims and Indians, and a big outdoor feast.  That's what we learned about the roots of the Thanksgiving holiday in elementary school. 

There might have been a LITTLE embellishment of the story down the years.  Our resident archaeologists, Mark Tveskov and Chelsea Rose, return with another installment of "Underground History" to sort the fact from the fiction. 

Archaeologist Rae Gould of the Nipmuc Nation of Massachusetts shares some insights; Stephen Sillman of the University of Massachusetts-Boston also gets in on the conversation. 

Underground History: A National Act

Oct 26, 2016

A lot of notable legislation came out of the 1960s.  You can tell by the number of 50th anniversary celebrations going on lately. 

Those include 50 candles for the National Historic Preservation Act, which created the National Register of Historic Places and a framework for protecting historical and archaeological sites. 

Which is music to the ears of our resident archaeologists, Mark Tveskov and Chelsea Rose. 

Underground History: The Tunnel That Wasn't

Sep 28, 2016
Public Domain/Wikimedia

The driving of a final spike in Ashland in 1887 completed the railroad line running up the West Coast. 

But the project took a few shortcuts along the way, and the evidence of options not taken are still out there.  Like Buck Rock Tunnel near Ashland.  Crews drilled 300 feet into the rock and stopped, in favor of a different tunnel across the valley. 

Buck Rock is the focus of this month's Underground History segment with our resident archaeologists, Chelsea Rose and Mark Tveskov. 

Introducing "Underground History"

Aug 24, 2016
JPR News

Our region is rich in history, much of it hidden just below the surface. 

Mark Tveskov and Chelsea Rose from the Southern Oregon University Laboratory of Anthropology (SOULA) dig it, in the most literal sense. 

And it's fascinating work... we invited them to join us monthly for a segment we call "Underground History." 

This week, Oregon's assistant state archaeologist joins in; John Pouley made a rare find of a "biface cache" in the Willamette Valley. 

USDA Forest Service

Archaeologists from the Southern Oregon University Laboratory of Anthropology--SOULA--thrilled in recent years to a key discovery. 

Crews found the site of the battle of "Hungry Hill," which the American military powers-that-be probably wanted to forget. 

The battle pitted the Army against Native Americans in the Rogue River Indian Wars, and the native people won the battle--under the leadership of a woman.