The early settlers of Yreka quickly learned to fear fire and its catastrophic effects.

Like many other gold rush communities in Northern California, Yreka had a substantial Chinese community complete with gaming houses, shops, washhouses, butcher shops, opium dens, a hotel, and a Joss House.  Though the Chinese faced prejudice and discrimination throughout the region, sometimes the whole community came together, particularly during the annual Chinese New Year celebration.

Each year, Yreka’s Siskiyou Golden Fair celebrates summer, promoting the county’s agricultural, industrial, commercial, mineral and cultural resources and achievements.

In a cave 12 miles south of the Northern California town of Yreka, a group of men gathered, awash in the full moon’s glow that spread across the barren cave floor.  This was an early meeting of the Knights of Pythias, a secret fraternal organization founded on the principles of friendship, charity, and benevolence.

Keeping Yreka's Past Safe For The Future

Sep 9, 2013

There's a lot of history in our region, and a lot of reminders of it--some of those in pretty rough shape from the passage of time.  And there's often more enthusiasm than money available for restoring historic sites.  The Yreka Historic Preservation Corporation works to preserve pieces of the past in its city, including a historic church given to the corporation a few years ago.