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How People Can Better Avoid Catastrophe

Oct 14, 2016
U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Hurricane Matthew gave the latest reminder that nature has far more power than people do. 

But risk expert Robert Muir-Wood says disasters are only partly the fault of nature; people make decisions that make disasters worse. 

Do we HAVE to build so close to the ocean, for example?  This question and more are explored in Muir-Wood's book The Cure for Catastrophe

Geoffrey Riley/JPR

Winter is getting off to a brisk start in the normally-mild Pacific Northwest. Overnight temperatures have broken sub-zero records in some areas.  

Apparently, we can blame Canada.

Matthew Cohen is a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Portland.

Geoffrey Riley/JPR

Now THAT'S a winter storm.

It may take much of the weekend for the region to dig out from Friday's snowfall.

Snow fell as far south as Mendocino County, snarling roads and causing numerous accidents.  School days, sporting events and stage shows were cancelled in response.