Winter Driving

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The sign can freeze the heart: "Chains Required." 

But it is a fact of life in winter that mountain passes will occasionally get enough snow to make the roads slippery, requiring a little more than the usual tires to get through. 

The transportation departments in both Oregon and California work hard to keep the mountain passes open, but they present challenges. 

Gary Leaming from ODOT explains how the two states coordinate efforts, and how they deploy crews and equipment in winter storms. 

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It's not just the short days and the nasty weather. 

Winter also creates issues for our cars and how they operate. 

Zach Edwards at Ashland Automotive knows a thing or two about cars and their behavior in winter conditions. 

Got a question about car maintenance or winter driving?  He's got answers. 

Mushing Through The Snow

Feb 26, 2016
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Playing in the snow is not for everyone.  And traveling through the snow for more than a thousand miles on a sled is even more limited in appeal. 

But Debbie Clarke Moderow saw the appeal in Alaska's famed Iditarod sled dog race, taking on the challenge in 2005. 

She tells her story of mushing and slushing with her beloved dogs in a memoir, Fast Into The Night

Getting Cars Ready For Winter Conditions

Dec 4, 2014
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Nothing like a little cold snap to remind you that it's time to get the car in shape for winter. 

Modern cars actually take pretty good care of themselves, with all their electronic diagnostics and computers. 

And Zach Edwards at Ashland Automotive is quite familiar with all the gadgets under the hood (engine included). 

We visit with Zach from time to time to get up to date on car care and maintenance. 

The Effects Of Salting Oregon Roads

Dec 20, 2013
Geoffrey Riley/JPR

What's good for driving may not necessarily be good for the vehicle, or the environment.

Salt is commonly used to help road crews get rid of snow and ice in colder climates, but Oregon began using it in recent years, in places like the frequently snowbound Siskiyou Summit. 

Winter Driving Do's & Don'ts

Dec 18, 2013
Oregon Department of Transportation

December: a time for icy roads, holiday travel and you guessed it… automotive maintenance.

It’s time to be sure your vehicle is safe, efficient, and ready for winter driving.