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FINAL UPDATE: FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 10 AM ... The majority of the wildfires in Trinity County are at full containment. The South Complex near Hyampom may reach full containment by Labor Day and the River Complex near Denny passed the 50 percent milestone yesterday. The Route, Mad, and Fork Complexes are all at full containment (ie. fire line surrounds the entire perimeter). 

In Del Norte County the Nickowitz Fire is over 70 percent contained and the Gasquet Complex will likely reach 50 percent containment over the weekend. 

Weekend weather is expected to remain relatively cool with favorable humidity levels. Gusting winds may increase and pose a risk of both fanning fires and toppling vulnerable trees and snags. 

National Creek Fires Winding Down

Sep 2, 2015

UPDATE: TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 9:30 A.M. ... Rain and continued mild weather has allowed firefighters to begin wrapping up the National Creek fires near Crater Lake.

All highways remain open, Crater Lake National Park is open and the Pacific Crest trail is conditionally open.

A Type 3 fire management team has replaced the Type 2 team that's managed the fire so far. That indicates the fire is now smaller and is winding down.

The National Creek Complex has burned 15,458 acres and is 70 percent contained.

Stouts Fire Facebook page

FINAL UPDATE: TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 9:45 A.M. ... Crews continue to work to contain the Stouts Creek Fire, conducting repair work and expanding mop-up operations. Crews have been and will continue to be replaced, as necessary.

Fire commanders are preparing to hand the incident back to a local team once full containment is reached.

The fire -- burning since July 30 about 11 miles east of Canyonville in Douglas County--  remains at 26,452 acres and is 92% contained.

Collier Butte Fire: It's a Wrap

Sep 1, 2015
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FINAL UPDATE: TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 9:15 A.M. ... Fire commanders at the Collier Butte fire -- burning since August 2 in Oregon's Kalmiopsis Wilderness east of Gold Beach -- are wrapping up the fire and handing command of what's left of the incident to a local team.

The fire camp is being dismantled and fire fighters  and equipment are being released to higher-priority fires.

The fire has burned 11,800 acres and stands at 55 percent containment.

PNW Smoke Map

UPDATE: MONDAY, AUGUST 31, 11:30 A.M. ... For the first time in over a month, most locations in southern Oregon and northern California report "Good" air quality.

A few monitoring stations -- mostly near the remaining active fires -- have only "Moderate" readings, and one registers "Unhealthy."

But after weeks of hazy, smoky air around the region, the Air Quality Map shows nearly all green dots, indicating "Good" Air Quality Index readings.


MONDAY, AUGUST 31, 10 AM ... Lower temperatures, higher humidity, and rain brought much needed relief to the wildfires of Trinity, Humboldt, and Del Norte counties.

Rain totals over the weekend ranged from a tenth of an inch throughout most of Trinity County to almost two inches near the Gasquet and Nickowitz fire complexes east of Crescent City. 

The favorable weather conditions are expected to persist throughout most of the week as crews continue to make major strides in containment across all the wildfires in the region.


At nearly 66,000 acres burned,  the River Complex surrounding the town of Denny is now California's largest active wildfire. 

Some relief may come this evening as lower temperatures, higher humidity, and as much as a quarter-inch of rain is forecast. Gusting winds at elevation, however, will continue to increase fire activity.

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THURSDAY, AUGUST 27, 10 AM .... The Democrat Fire that started just west of Weaverville Tuesday afternoon has been recalculated to be smaller than originally believed. Major gains in containment have been reported. 

Meanwhile, the Gasquet Complex northeast of Crescent City,  and the River Complex surrounding the town of Denny,  each grew by nearly 3,000 acres yesterday. Gusting winds - often aligned with fires in valleys - were a major contributor to the spread and are expected to continue through Friday.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 26, 11 AM ... Just as firefighters gain 55 to 90 percent containment on 4 of 5 fire complexes in Trinity County, a new fire has erupted just two miles west of the county seat of Weaverville. 

The Democrat Fire is located off Democrat Gulch Road near Oregon Mountain. Like the River Complex Fire in Denny it is very close to Highway 299 which remains open at this time.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation. 


Gasquet Fires: Low Containment & Big Winds

Aug 26, 2015

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 26, 10:30 AM ... With the Gasquet Complex burning at a rate of about 1,000 acres-per-day, and four of the six fires still active, crews will now be faced with high winds. Ridge top winds of 20-25 miles-per-hour out of the southeast are expected, with a shift to westerly winds in the afternoon. Highs will be in the low 80's. 

Containment has only increased 3 percent over the past five days.

Francine Marciel/Trinity County Alerts Facebook page

Firefighters are battling a rapidly growing fire in the Democrat Gulch area in Weaverville, in Trinity County. 

There is a mandatory evacuation ordered for the west side of Oregon Mountain down to Highway 299. Steiner Flat Road in Douglas City is under a voluntary evacuation order.

Oregon Street is closed to the top of Oregon Mountain.


Four of the original six fires in the Gasquet fire complex are still burning as firefighters work to complete lines and burn-out operations in Six Rivers National Forest in Del Norte County.

Total size of the complex is 17,723 acres, with 20 percent containment on the complex as a whole.

Ashland Fire Officials Urge Caution

Aug 24, 2015
Stouts Creek Fire Facebook Page

  Summer may be drawing to a close, but fire season will be with us for at least a few more weeks.  Which is why the bosses at Ashland Fire and Rescue are putting out reminders of things people can do to prepare for the possibility of a wildfire nearby.

Ashland had a close call with the Siskiyou Fire in September of 2009, and the city's proximity to forested land makes it ever-vulnerable.

MONDAY, AUGUST 24, 10:30 AM ... Although most of the wildfires in northwestern California are now over 50 percent contained, the River (Denny) and Gasquet (northeast of Crescent City) complexes are less than 25 percent contained.

Inversions are expected to lift across most of the region this afternoon,  which should help air support, but will likely increase fire activity. Gusty winds at higher elevations are also a concern. 

The Air Quality Forecast was published at 9:45 this morning and is HERE

Oregon Fires Continue To Burn

Aug 23, 2015
National Creek Complex Facebook page

Eastern Oregon's Canyon Creek Complex of fires is now 23% contained as firefighters were aided by lessening winds and cooler temperatures on Saturday.

Fires Continue To Bring Smoke To The Region

Aug 22, 2015

Smoke from Oregon's wildfires continues to plague residents and travelers.

The National Creek Complex of fires is now 10% contained as it burns it part of Crater Lake National Park. The Park remains open, although the north park entrance road remains closed to facilitate fire operations and provide for the safety of firefighters and park visitors.

More Than 875K Acres Burning Across The Northwest

Aug 21, 2015

President Obama declared a state of emergency Friday for Washington state, where several wildfires are burning uncontained.

More than 875,000 acres are now burning across the Pacific Northwest, as more than 9,200 firefighters and support personnel are working to protect homes and save lives.

Currently, the top fire in the region is the Okanogan Complex, burning in north central Washington. Fire officials said mandatory evacuations are in place for the town of Tonasket, where about 1,000 people live.

As firefighters work to contain the Canyon Creek Complex wildfire, high winds and hot temperatures mean the fire keeps growing.

National Creek Complex Facebook Page

UPDATE: MONDAY, AUGUST 24, 5:00 P.M. ... It's hard to get around near Crater Lake National Park as crews work to contain the National Creek fire complex

The two fires burning in Crater Lake National Park and the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest since August 1st now total 10,833 acres. The fires are 10 percent contained.

The Level 1 (Get Ready) evacuation order for the area around Diamond Lake Area has been lifted. 

Stouts Creek Fire Facebook Page

It does not count as containment yet, but fire crews have succeeded in encircling the Stouts Creek Fire in southern Douglas County.

By dawn Friday (Aug. 21), a "blackline" surrounded the fire at slightly more than 26,000 acres.  A blackline is where the fire has burned to a road or other fire line, and the perimeter is secure.