Getting Guidance Inside The Rose Circle

Jan 13, 2016

Remember how much fun it was being a teenager?  Yes, the question is facetious... because the teen years often contain the most tumultuous years of a person's life. 

That's what led to the creation of The Rose Circle Mentoring Network, which mentors people from ages 10 to 24 all over Jackson County. 

D. Drury & Sons

Asifa Kanji and David Drury came from very different parts of the world, but somehow managed to find each other. 

And they were determined to share their love and talents with the world, so off to Mali they went, as Peace Corps volunteers. 

Being hot and dry turned out to be the least of the issues, as a coup forced their evacuation from the country. 

But before that, rich experiences filled them up... experiences they share in the dual memoir Three Hundred Cups of Tea and The Toughest Job.  

Community Organizing For Beginners

Sep 9, 2015

We probably all have a rough idea of what a community organizer does. 

David Walls can smooth out that idea with stories of his own work. 

He not only works as a community organizer, and has for years, but he teaches people to do what he does. 

Walls spends much of his time at the North Bay Organizing Project these days, but he visits the North Coast and Ashland this week. 

Making Altruism Work: "Doing Good Better"

Aug 4, 2015
Gotham Books

People who want to do good for other people and the world often get accused of being "bleeding hearts," or worse. 

William MacAskill has heard it all before.  And he agrees that efforts toward altruism are often derailed by lack of solid information and measurements. 

And he proposes ways around those potholes, in his book Doing Good Better.

Getting Busy AFTER Retirement

Feb 17, 2014

Some people think of retirement as a set of sunny years playing lots of golf. 

Some other people might find that concept of retirement to be something straight out of hell. 

Millennials Step Up As Volunteers

Dec 24, 2013
Albert Herring/Wikimedia

The "Millennials" born between 1980 and 2000 take a fair amount of heat for a lack of enthusiasm perceived by other generations. 

But they're plenty enthusiastic about volunteering, at least in Oregon.