On Tuesday night, President Donald Trumped addressed a Joint Session of Congress and laid out his administration's plan for the future. NPR has provided a transcript of his speech, as well as the Democratic response, complete with researched annotation from NPR reporters.


Matt Taibbi Pulls No Punches On President

Jan 24, 2017
White House Photo Office/Wikimedia

Journalist Matt Taibbi won't win any friends at the White House with the title of his latest book: Insane Clown President

But then Taibbi, a Rolling Stone contributor, is not known for his diplomacy, just a call-it-like-I-see-it attitude in his writing. 

He rewinds the tape of the 2016 election campaign in all its grace and glory, examining the moves, countermoves, and just plain dumb luck that resulted in the November outcome. 

Local Womens' Marches Gear Up

Jan 18, 2017
Elvert Barnes, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Not long after Donald Trump walks into the White House, plenty of other Americans will be walking. 

The Women's March on Washington will draw thousands of women to the capital to show resistance to the Trump administration. 

Many smaller marches are planned for communities across the country, including a march set for Ashland on Saturday. 

What drives the desire to march?  We have two people to ask: Sharon Dohrmann, a co-organizer, and Teresa Cisneros, a featured speaker. 

On Wednesday, January 11th, President-elect Donald Trump took questions from the press for the first time since before the election (167 days) in what he himself described as a "general news conference." 

NPR's fact-checking team has poured through the statements made in the press conference, and the details are below.