This Thanksgiving, JPR is serving up a few helpings of special programming for you. Here's what we've got planned...

NOT JX: Thanksgiving Day Specials

Nov 23, 2016
Bob Pennell/Medford Mail Tribune

Thanksgiving Day finds the Exchange crew in the stuffing, out of the office.

Instead, a couple of holiday specials: at 8, world-renowned naturalist Joe Hutto, subject of the Emmy winning BBC documentary "My Life As a Turkey", discusses how he became a wild turkey mother in the hammocks of Florida.

Plus: Fourth-generation pilot Eric Walden gives a play-by-play of the ninja-like moves of the wild turkey—mid-air.  And: The once-scorned bronze-feathered turkey is making a comeback, with the help of organic, free-range farmers like Paul Kelly. 

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Pilgrims and Indians, and a big outdoor feast.  That's what we learned about the roots of the Thanksgiving holiday in elementary school. 

There might have been a LITTLE embellishment of the story down the years.  Our resident archaeologists, Mark Tveskov and Chelsea Rose, return with another installment of "Underground History" to sort the fact from the fiction. 

Archaeologist Rae Gould of the Nipmuc Nation of Massachusetts shares some insights; Stephen Sillman of the University of Massachusetts-Boston also gets in on the conversation. 

JPR presents a fanciful bounty of special programming for your Thanksgiving this year, with a few new favorites thrown in the mix.

Classics & News

10am - Giving Thanks
Classical music is the heart and soul of “Giving Thanks,” with no clichés about pilgrims and pumpkin pies between pieces. Instead, host John Birge presents a contemporary celebration of the spirit of gratitude, with this year’s special guest, chef Jacques Pepin.

Rhythm & News Service

The official date for Thanksgiving Day has moved around over the years, but currently falls on the fourth Thursday of November, which is Nov. 26 this year.

Before The Big Meal, Wine And Cheese

Nov 27, 2013

Just in time for Thanksgiving, a chat on food… or two, come to think of it. 

We'll certainly have the wine and cheese courses covered, as we visit with Melanie Wanger, the author of Hello Wine.