Syria in the past few years has generated enough stories for several lifetimes. 

Emily Robbins knows the country and wanted to tell a story of her own, one that got beyond the daily recitations of bombings and casualties in the civil war there.  So she wrote a novel, A Word for Love

It is set in Syria as the body politic begins to come unglued, and concerns an American woman studying Arabic.  So yes, there are some autobiographical details from Robbins' own life. 

Considering Syria More Carefully

Sep 11, 2013

The news about Syria came so fast this week, news organizations struggled to keep up.  Just as Congress returned for a likely vote on authorizing military action, Syria showed a willingness to consider putting its chemical weapons under international control, perhaps rendering an American attack moot.  We'll get two viewpoints on Syria in this interview--from Arcadia University professor Samer Abboud, who studies politics and the economy in Syria and other countries, and from Veterans for Peace past national president Leah Bolger.