All kinds of programs are in place to help young people avoid suicide. 

But it is still an appealing option to many a young person hurting from a variety of life's challenges. 

Lines for Life, based in Portland, staffs a hotline for people in trouble to call at any time on any day.  And Lines for Life also works to reduce drug abuse, a mission shared with the Oregon Coalition for Responsible Use of Meds

Stand Against Stigma

It gets a little easier all the time to talk about suicide... on a general statistics-and-treatment level. 

Individual cases can still be extremely tricky, because of longstanding societal stigmas about suicidal thoughts and actions. 

Shasta County's mental health apparatus swung into action against the taboos, creating "Stand Against Stigma." 

The project features a number of people putting their faces and stories forward, letting the world know of their struggles with depression and other mental illness. 


Art saves lives.  When people need outlets for expression that do not hurt themselves or others, art is there as an answer.

And that explains the existence of the LIFEArt program in Jackson County, which gives students expressive outlets in a handful of Jackson County schools. 

Assisting Suicide Survivors

Nov 17, 2014

These dark, cold months of the year can really be hard on people's emotions. 

Which probably explains why International Suicide Survivors Day is coming up soon (November 22nd). 

Winterspring, based in the Rogue Valley, is versed in helping people deal with grief and loss from a variety of circumstances. 

A Day For Survivors Of Suicide

Nov 22, 2013

Saturday, November 23rd is International Survivors of Suicide Day.

It's not even in the same month as Suicide Prevention Month (September), and the issues are certainly somewhat different.