California Department of Water Resources

Snow surveys are supposed to find snow.  But in the mild winter we had, little precipitation fell as snow. 

Most of the later-in-the-season surveys turned up dirt. 

California's snow surveys came out even worse than Oregon's. 

Mount Ashland Looks Ahead To A Real Winter

Sep 26, 2014
Mt. Ashland Ski Area

Fall arrives with rising hopes for a good winter in the mountains. 

Last year's scant snowpack prevented the Mount Ashland Ski Area from opening--for even a single day--for business. 

That prompted a number of changes within the organization, including a change in management. 

New GM Hiram Towle is now in place and making plans for the coming ski season. 

How Low Is The Snow? A Drought Update

Feb 11, 2014
California Department of Water Resources

Recent rain and snow are good to have, but probably not good enough. 

The region is way behind in precipitation, and California's governor already declared a drought weeks ago.  Oregon may follow suit if the conditions demand.