Shasta County

Seventy-five-year-old Dennis Bambauer has been delivering pastries on Election Day to the Shasta County clerk’s office for nearly half a century.

NorCal Post Offices Reopened

Aug 14, 2014

All post offices, except for one, that were closed due to the fires burning in Northern California have been reopened.

Augustine Ruiz, spokesperson for the United States Postal Service, says that all USPS branches are now running as usual, with the exception of the Sawyers Bar contract postal unit in Siskiyou County.

This privately managed site that contracts with the USPS to provide mail service is still cut off by the July Complex Fires.

New York Daily News

News organizations far and wide took notice when the Shasta County Sheriff's Office recently burned down a mobile home filled with explosives. 

And the fire came after deputies evacuated nearby residents.  It's not an everyday occurrence, to be sure. 

Scott Sanchez/Wikimedia

The criminal justice system in California is still trying to find its bearings in the post-"realignment" world.

AB109, the "realignment" law, took some pressure off the overcrowded state prisons by shifting some prisoners convicted of lesser crimes to county jails.