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Fire Recovery Plans Finalized On Klamath NF

Mar 7, 2016

Fires roared through several parts of the Klamath National Forest in the summer of 2014, and now forest leaders have an official plan to clean up after them. 

The Westside Fire Recovery Project is now officially in motion, a plan to salvage some timber and treat other areas, even burn some of them. 

Controversy followed the plan as it took shape, and stays with it today.  It is already being taken to court.

We spend the hour talking in turn with several people interested in the outcome, including forest managers, the American Forest Resource Council, the Karuk Tribe, and KS Wild

After The Fire, The Salvage Argument

Nov 15, 2013
PNW #2 IMTeam

It's one of the most predictable patterns in nature: a wildfire starts in a forest, a massive firefighting effort eventually succeeds in stopping the fire…

and then, after a few weeks, the arguments begin over how best to help the landscape recover from the fire.