Do you have a passion in your life?  Is it for your work, or a person, or a pastime? 

Because you CAN have a passion for life in general, says Gregg Levoy. 

Levoy is a speaker and writer, and the author of the recent book Vital Signs

It gets away from the idea of having a specific passion in life, and broadens the focus to a passion FOR life. 


People who behave badly are not necessarily bad people.  They might have simply missed opportunities for someone to recognize and deal with their behavior before it got out of hand. 

The new Center for Translational Neuroscience at the University of Oregon is designed to find and maximize those opportunities. 

CTN aims to train students to recognize and work with people who may be headed for addictions, anxiety, aggressive behavior and overeating. 

New World Library

You don't need to confine your dreams, or at least interpretations, to the nighttime. 

Your dreams are often symbolic, with lots of signs and symbols representing something other than what they appear. 

Robert Moss, a proponent of "active dreaming," says you can have some fun with the signs and symbols you see in your waking hours. 

Get ready for a whole new kind of intepretation, and prepare to become a "kairomancer," as Moss walks you into the concepts in his book Sidewalk Oracles: Playing With Signs, Symbols, And Synchronicity In Everyday Life

The State Of Our Boys

Oct 8, 2014

Actually heard in a fifth-grade math class: "I could be playing Minecraft right now." 

If you guessed the comment came from a boy, you guessed right. 

The American men of the future are often disaffected and disconnected as adolescents, leading some observers to speak in terms of a "boy crisis." 

Dr. Wes Crenshaw, Kansas psychologist, focuses much of his work on teens and younger children. 

Solving The Procrastination Puzzle TODAY

Dec 30, 2013
Penguin Books

We could not wait until the New Year started to talk to the author of this book. 

And true to form, Timothy Pychyl could not wait for a major publisher, so he self-published Solving The Procrastination Puzzle before a major house picked it up.