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It will be hard indeed to lower the amount of carbon in the atmosphere if the planet's population continues to grow. 

Project Drawdown is a coalition of organizations determined to bring greenhouse gases down, through a variety of means. 

One of those means is a focus on population growth, and ways to slow the birth rate to a sustainable level, especially in developing countries where resources for large populations of children are scarce. 

Alisha Graves centers her work on population issues for Project Drawdown, The Oasis Initiative, and Venture Strategies for Health and Development

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Environmentalists tend to tread carefully around the subject of population.

In a planet of finite resources and no place to throw things "away," overpopulation could devastate the Earth. 

Philip Cafaro has been talking for years about the intersection between environmentalism and population studies. 

In his latest book, "How Many Is Too Many?," Cafaro narrows the focus on immigration into the United States... and makes a rare progressive (not conservative) argument for reducing it. 

Hashtagging World Population Day

Jul 11, 2014

We welcome you to World Population Day! 

And you, and you, and you…  you get the idea here. 

Earth is home to an estimated 7.2 Billion people, and today (July 11) is the day several organizations want people to consider the impacts.